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Sunday, July 22, 2012

sand dollar

6x6 gallery wrapped original oil
if you look hard enough you may find a sand dollar on our beach...i think they may be more common on the gulf.  i remember collecting tons of them when we had a cottage in bellaire beach, near clearwater. but, once again, a little memento of the ocean!
getting ready to head home from the lake tomorrow...had a great time - bit of painting...perfect!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

bria's ride #3

8x10 original gallery wrapped oil
so we're at the's been gorgeous the last two days...miserable when we got up here thursday air conditioning, of course...but it's been breezy and delightful since then.  but...heating up again i fear!..supposed to be 104 in chicago by monday...anyway... i painted this for bria, the little girl who has special needs.  the wonderful harley davidson people hold a rally for her every year and i've been thrilled to be able to help out.  i also am working on another "grand" of my friend katie's grands - hope to be able to take it with us next weekend when we head up for our annual visit ..meanwhile - we're enjoying our grand joe and watching and playing a bit of golf...nice vacation!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012


6x6 gallery wrapped original oil
i'm not sure i've ever seen a seahorse on our island...but when i think of the sea..and there's lot of it down there..i always think "seahorse"...they are such intriguing little creatures. we went to an exhibit telling all about them at the indianapolis zoo a couple years ago...fascinating!
....p.s.:  we're finally back at the lake - i painted a piece yesterday which i will post in a bit... 

Thursday, July 19, 2012


6x6 original oil on gallery wrap canvas

here's another beachie little painting...a small token of a trip to the island, perhaps?..

ok i mentioned i was going to finish the story about our trip...i've slept since then so i'm not sure how much i can remember...i do remember i screwed everything up on the trip out there..and so it was so gratifying to me that davey reciprocated on the trip home!!!..after a lovely and relaxing last day,  we got to bed early since we needed to leave sixish...davey was packed and rarin to go...already down in the lobby - i was packed and doing a last minute survey of the room - checking under the bed, opening all the drawers..(i even do this in motel rooms we've only just slept in for the one night!!...)...and..lo and behold...there in  his drawer by the sink was all his medicine!!!...i had him i grabbed it, smiling, and headed downstairs...we didn't know where we were supposed to meet so there was much texting and swearing and then packing the car and repacking the car...remember it was small ..and as my friends sally, ceebs and marjie can motto has always been..."be heavy!"... and apparently i traveled so heavy that davey has to have more surgery because he tore his labrum hefting my suitcase...but that's another story....ok we set out on our 4-1/2 hour or more (just in case there's traffic) drive to portland.  now remember...on our trip down from portland there were so many gorgeous views to paint!! - beautiful green vistas...that sinewy river..can't remember the that bad?..(just remembered umpqua?).and  of course we were in such a "hurry" to get to bandon we couldn't stop - even to see the famous elk preserve that everyone was flocking to!!!  for cri-yi-yi!!!...and so i kept my cool, thinking all the while i could always get some great photos for painting fodder on the trip back to portland...WRONG!!!!! rained the whole way...wait..portland..rain??...yes...rained or misted or clouded over or whatever..and remember we were on a mission to get to the airport in time to have several hours to have we were about 30 minutes away from bandon and i noticed davey rifling though his briefcase...looking for..what?..breakfast?..roadmaps?...ah..cellphone!!!!...really?!?...i said - your phone from my phone..( i didn't get a D in logic for nothing...)..true story....and...tada...dead air!!!...nothing...i actually pulled over..almost anathema to my hubby...and we searched...everywhere...and at this point i don't even remember if i told him about leaving his medicine in the step...he called the hotel and asked them to search our room...he said he'd call his cell in five minutes and lo and behold...they was lying on the bathroom floor -the last place he remembered having it...funny how it's always the last place you look?..and i swear i never saw it...maybe under a towel??.what wonderful people...they said they'd send it and it was waiting the morning after our return...NOT the end of the story, however...we tooled along in the rain/mist/whatever for hours...we traveled through that wonderful stretch of road named for someone...i think jason boe...and we stopped for gas and no-one had ever heard of him...and as we eventually approached portland i kept saying let's get gas before the airport...davey, in all his wondrous knowledge, said.."no, i talked to the lady...the gas is just a little more at the airport".....and i remembered this was maybe not so much true...but i acquiessed...anyhoo....we pulled into the portland airport with enough time to return the car, get gas, go through checkpoint, have a sit down lunch and wait for about an we met up in the check point line he looked somewhat sheepish...a look i can't get enough of, by the way...and, as it turns out, the gas was something like 1200 dollars a gallon...i may be exaggerating..but you get the gist...i loved it, to say the least!!! we head to the plane...and all is well..we go to our stopover in vegas and of course it takes us ages to get to our gate!!  thank heavens we are in good shape!! - even with the traveling walkways, we didn't have a lot of time to sit and wait for our flight...just enough for me to play a few quick games of video poker, though!!...i actually WON  maybe 14 or 15 bucks but the lady was going off shift and i almost had to forfeit..i kept saying..."no - you don't understand..they're calling my flight..NOW!!..."...eventually she paid up and i was feeling GOOD!!...uneventful flight home to indy...almost done...we'd spent the night in a motel and they gave us free parking and a ride to the now - we needed to just get in touch with them and reverse the scenario...we found the van but couldn't get our clubs through the this time it was growing late and we were enzausted!!! (as my kids always said) we finally were in the shuttle, riding to the motel to pick up our car.  davey was fishing through my wallet looking for a bit of tip money for the driver and gave me a twenty..and said here - i said do you want to give her that?  he said yes...when we stopped, i had to hurry to the potty and just handed her the money as i got out.  the bags were transferred..we were on the way home...when davey said..."what did you give that driver?"..i said " the twenty, isn't that what you told me to do?"..he said.."no, i had a few bills in my hand i was going to give her but you just went ahead!"...ok - so neither of can hear worth a damn!!!...we howled most of the way home...thinking..after all the money we spent on that trip..what was a few hundred  dollars more on gas (ok..i may be exxagerating...)and a twenty dollar bill for a least it most likely made her day!!!! the end we had a wonderful time and a whole lot of laughter...which is what we mostly do.....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


16x8 oil on gallery wrap canvas

this is my first painting of the famous lighthouse on st.simons island.  i really don't know why i haven't painted it before...i've only been coming to the island for thirty seven years!!  since it's such a landmark, i thought i would do a small painting that perhaps one of our renters would like to take home!  more to follow...

Monday, July 16, 2012

a few paintings for the beachhouse..

well today i finally shipped several paintings to georgia! - the large one is entitled "Reverie" and i posted it in progress but i'll post the finished version here. it's 36x36, gallery wrapped, and will hang over the bed in the queen bedroom.  i also did 7 smallish paintings and nestled them all inside the back of the big painting and sent them off on a wing and a prayer!! - we leave for the lake in a few days...where on earth is this summer going?? - don't have a lot of time for painting because i have too dang much golf to play!!!  rats!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

i still have to finish the story...

we'll we're home but i have so much to tell about the end of the trip i don't have time tonight...getting ready to go to a party.  i've been working on a painting for the queen bedroom in georgia and i'm sneaking up on it.  it's large..36x36 and i don't have a name...since i photographed this i added another flower in front of her...i'll undoubtedly keep at it and let you know...