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Sunday, November 29, 2009

"cousins" SOLD

24x18 oil on stretched canvas
here's another of my new paintings - it's done from a photograph of two of my cousins' kids taken ages ago - they're both in their 20s now! - i had originally named it "sisters" but then i thought..actually they're cousins!...this has been a busy weekend for sure! - we had the 2 day artisan's market and our wine and cheese reception friday night. i'm so thankful for my friends who showed up to support me and the other artists participating. the last day was yesterday and although i coudn't be there much to help out, they had a really successful day. we had our family thanksgiving yesterday - with two turkeys, one roasted and one deep-fried and all the trimmings! - we had a great time but we forgot to roast the marshmallows with the kids outside over our roaring firepit! - totally forgot! ah well - there's still christmas! i can't believe christmas is almost here so i got going on my decorating this afternoon - i guess with thanksgiving so late, we don't have much time to get in the spirit! - but we'll do our best!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

What a wonderful world! - we have so much to be thankful for - life, health, friends, family, laughter, walks, dogs, golf, tennis, good food, great wine, paints and brushes and canvas and pallette knives -and people to share all that with. what a lucky girl am i...and happy thanksgiving day to everyone!!! lyb

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


10x20 oil on stretched canvas
here's another pallette knife painting for the market this weekend - just framed it but it's still wet! - i also decided to put a few painted pots in the show - i was really into this 5 or 6 years ago - hand-embellished and painted pots - people often remark about the one they have at home and wonder if i'm still doing those - i answer - not any more. so i decided to put a few in just for old time's sake! tomorrow...thanksgiving...while my hubby's working in the ER, i'll be cleaning my house and setting my table -getting ready to celebrate our turkey day on saturday - a long time ago, we realized that the day you get to celebrate any, thanksgiving, the day you CAN celebrate - and that very often turns out to be some day close but not necessarily ON the day! no worries! -

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Red Hat" SOLD

18x24 oil on stretched canvas
i love this painting! - it was so much fun to do..very textured and done completely with a pallette knife! it will be part of the artisan's market this friday and saturday in hickory hills but i haven't framed it yet and it's still wet!~ - so are a couple others but i think that may be the nature of getting a show together at the last minute - lots of fun but kind of hair-raising all at the same time!! stay tuned!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

"Blue Vase"

11x14 oil on canvas panel
i'll be framing this for the show - another pallette knife painting - i spent the day today in my son jason's 4th grade class. he asked me if i'd come up and do paintings of his kids - it was a blast! - they were so excited to have their very own portraits - actually they were more like drawings or character sketches - i took pix of everyone and was working from them but then my camera ran out of juice so i started sitting them down in front of me to do their portraits. they were so good - sat so still - and they were especially delighted to hear they got to take them HOME!!!!! i was really delighted to be so appreciated - what a fun day!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

small bouquet

9x12oil on stretched canvas
so i've been busy getting ready for this artisan show i'm doing.. spent the day in my studio today and am busy listing and pricing a bunch of prints and originals. i've been working primarily with pallette knife - i'm thinking this is becoming my favorite! - i've taken pix of the new work and will post over the next few days. our poor hoosiers are just hapless! - both our basketball team and football team - just pitiful...i'm hoping brighter days are ahead!! -

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

no painting today

i spent the day in indy....went for lunch with three gorgeous ladies and thank you, jill, for my lovely gift! worked on my wall at Midland and did a bit of shopping - got home way too late for studio work...but i plan to get there tomorrow! (hope, hope!) - i have sad news...with the economy struggling so much, the art world is struggling more than ever and my friend kurt is closing his artworks gallery in brunswick georgia. i brought home several paintings from his gallery and i wish him well in his future endeavors! i've been asked to be in a holiday artisan's show here in columbus so i have much to do to prepare for that but it's exciting, none the less! i'll have more about that in the next few days. hang with me!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

some workshop stuff...

10x20 oil on stretched canvas
this is the only palette knife work i did during this workshop -as opposed to the one in may where i did a bunch! - this is the one i ended up glazing with burnt sienna and reworking a bit and leaving on the easel in our great room - replacing an original that's hung there for many years. i thought we were ready for a change. i forgot to take a photo of it - maybe i'll remember to do that when we go back in february!
11x14 oil on panel

so here's a painting of my new friend ella, painting the marsh beyond the little satilla river. there was so much to see that day - too many choices for yours truly so i ended up doing a couple paintings of people painting...
...still re-entering - tackled our closet yesterday and now i need to clean the house (dirty job....blah, blah...)while my hubby's working in the ER - hopefull later today i can head up!

Friday, November 13, 2009

back home again...

we're finally back from georgia - when i say finally, i don't really mean finally...wish we could still be there - but duty calls - my brushes are calling and soon i will get back at it - but first...the dreaded "RE-ENTRY"!! we had a wonderful 3-day intensive workshop with janet powers...loved every minute of it! - afterwards, i decided to really go on vacation with my husband - no painting - (well actually i did put a burnt sienna glaze on one painting and left it on an easel in the great room)-other than that - no painting - only golf, reading, walking, brain work, lots of good eating! in the coming days i have 3 commissions to complete from little portraits i donated plus other things i have in mind. i also managed to take a few pics of the stuff we worked on in the workshop - i'll post some of that later... be patient with me and i'll soon be back painting on a regular basis. heading to get our first glimpse of the new hoosier basketball team tonight - should be great fun!