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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Finally got out on this beautiful lake...

WOW!!!!!...we just had the most fun!!!..the day started with room service..davey had lobster eggs benny..i had the sensible egg white frittata...(lot of good that did the moment we're chilling on our balcony with beer, wine and cheetos!!..i swear!!!)...then we ventured out to see the sights..this is such a small and condensed area..this mill falls in Meredith...maybe four hotels..all created in 2003...we wanted to see the falls close we were on the way and happened upon a shop i just needed to check out...davey ended up buying me more birthday prezzies...lovin this seventieth stuff.....whilst there we heard the group had garnered a pontoon for a noon boatride..and off we went..very last minute but so much fun!!!!!..cap'n ben escorted us out to governor's island and around and back...we may have been traveling upwards of 200mph..( i might be exaggerating..)..but it was great fun and so glad we did it!..we are heading to the whirlpool and then a nap and then on to the wedding...there is weather moving in tonight...these guys have really dodged a bullet because it is gorgeous!!!

Friday, June 26, 2015 hampshire AND vermont!!!

So today we set off to see mike and judy's old stomping grounds..dartmouth college..he did a year of residency there and seemed to be happy to be back..we were in the vicinity so we planned to meet folks in the quechee gorge area..(above photo is the gorge...i had to be very careful because of my dizzy-ness...but what a beautiful we learned that two days ago a gal need to go into the gorey deets..)..thinking about it..the railing isn't that high...if you were determined to do yourself in...??...anyway..the first pic is from the glass blowing complex/shop/ simon was recommended to us by a sweet lady who summers in new hampshire we met in the airport in baltimore...had a wonderful lunch there with friends...and the glass blowers were hard at work in the basement...they work 363 days a year, nine to five with two ten minute breaks and a half hour unpaid lunch...they seemed to be very happy so I'm assuming they are paid handsomely for their talents...and they certainly had talents!!!!....but we are tired from so much road travel..driving or not wears you OUT!!!!...we are ensconced in a new with a balcony...just next door from where we were yesterday..(we had noticed that ours was the only room on that side without one..)later i will post the view..chilling at the moment..heading to the whirlpool with a cocktail in hand..tonight is the welcoming reception...tomorrow we may take a boat ride before the wedding..stay tuned...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Here we are!

So we arived in meredith yesterday...flew through baltimore and landed in manchester..this is a glorious part of the country!..and lake winnepausakee is unbelievable!!..HUGE!!..we are staying on Meredith bay..a very small fingerling of the lake..this is davey and judy sitting outside judy's hotel..such a view!..and we are taveling now..have been in the car for over an hour..davey's navigationally challenged...mike couldn't follow directions because nobody GAVE him directions!!..thank heavens we didnt drive from indiana!!..anyway..we are headed to the coast..we'll be in maine then...tomorrow we plan to visit dartmouth and have lunch at keechee gorge at simon pearce..a glass blower..stay tuned!

Saturday, June 20, 2015


oil on canvas panel
so this is another in my "grand" project..there's a bit of a glare..but my friend carole has been waiting for this painting for a good long just gets in the way sometimes..but we've had lots of time with no golf and i was able to catch up a bit..we DID golf yesterday..played VCC..and played the front nine twice..davey was most improved but I was a very close second!! fact, I was burning up the course for the first half..i was one over after five holes...then the wheels came off..bad course management had something to do with it, I have to admit...but i am very excited to get out there again today..we are slowly packing up and getting organized so we can blow out of here really early tomorrow..i hear it's still raining at home so I guess this has been the place to BE!!!!...

Thursday, June 18, 2015

"Wine and Pears"...14x11 oil on canvas panel

14x11 oil on canvas panel
so I am truly struggling with this computer!!..i may have a bug..very slow...but i did get some painting accomplished in the last couple days..gearing up towards the wine shindig in carmel in july..we actually were able to hit balls today..and we also actually signed up for a temporary membership at the valpo country club!! we just have to be sure we can play 20 rounds before it snows..we can bring if you are planning to come to the lake...(and you know who you are)...plan on playing the vcc!!!..time to go..gotta watch tiger and Jordan...and I may be able to do one more painting tomorrow..i'm working on a commission..needs some tweaking...and i have two more wine pieces to I am not a slacker.......

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


oil on canvas panel
so we decided to come to the lake a day early. since we share this place with the other side of the family, we get to come up every other week or so...painting and what I it looks like it may be just painting...valpo is almost under water..there was standing water all the way up here..sometimes nearly impassable...and they've had so much rain up here the country club course is closed..probably most of the other courses as well..i'm fine with it..i did this painting of lyda..this is for a friend who bought my donation to the kids' commons last year..she looks like a keeper, doesn't she??.. i also did a wine-themed painting which i'm still tweaking..i have a wedding present to do and another kids commons project and then if I have time, more wine stuff..there is to be a big wine event in the carmel arts district in july and i'm gearing up for that..i have to paint a VERY large wine bottle..probably two feet high..not sure what it's called..but that's another thing on my plate..yikes!!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

"Blue Crabs"

30x30 oil on gallery wrap canvas
so I've sold a few grateful..and I did this over the weekend for Simon's on st. simon's island..they wanted a BIG crab painting..and here it is!! we head to the lake in a few days and I have lots of odds and ends to finish up..a wedding gift, a grand painting, a doggie painting that was purchased from the kids commons fund raiser..another from the same fundraiser..don't know if i'll get them all done but i can get a good start..we'll be alone..just painting and i am very excited!!

Monday, June 8, 2015


6x8 oil on board
so this is friend michelle's gone to heaven..i haven't had any time to, paris..such a busy girl..but we went to the lake this weekend and I had a small window!~!..really wanted to get this done and have some others to do as well..i really am very excited to get back into painting..and golf, of seems I really paint a lot less in the summer...could it be possible to do both??..

Saturday, June 6, 2015

"Hard at Work". SOLD

So happy and grateful..Just heard from my gallery in Georgia, Simon's, that Hard at Work, 24x24 original oil, sold today!!..i'm so happy this piece will have a new home!!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Home at last....

We are sitting in the airport in detroit..after an 8-1/2 hour flight from wasnt that bad..watched still alice and the new night at the museum...this is staged at the british museum and i think we saw more of the museum in the movie than we were able to see on the's just so vast!!! ...and finally on the tiny little plane that will carry us on our last leg home...seems extra tiny after the 747 we rode in on...last night was so much fun!!!..the bus picked us up at 6:30 and transported us to a beautiful boat...started with cocktails on deck....watching the view and enjoying these folks who would soon be walking out of our lives...i havent been able to talk much about the folks..and i never use last names on my last night we sat with rick and mary and skip and sandy..a foursome traveling together  and coming from a golf trip in scotland..lucky duckies...they sat very near us on the bus..they had a neat way of moving folks around the bus..we started off near the back on the right and by the time we were done, we were quite far up on the left...they really wanted us to get to know each other...there were mostly couples and some mother/daughter and grandmother/granddaughter other artist..sharon..married to ed..very fun..they did a bit of sight seeing on their own..we really enjoyed the heck out of them and some others we got to spend a bit more time with..sitting together at dinner, for instance....the family of nurses..david, joyce, joe and lindsay..david contemplating retirement...lovely folks..always one and two seats ahead of us.. Denise and marty..folks from jasper, indiana and the first folks we met..lovely young couple..(could have been our kids!)..a mom and daughter duo..cherron and gals..matt and people I felt i'd known all my life...jack and diane..real kindred spirits..and were so cool with my constant going on about..." Little ditty..about jack amd diane..."..tony and pam from texas..such nice folks..another doc..richard the pulmonologist and his wife ellen..we had dinner one night with suzanne and her daughter megan...suzanne was a "jill of all trades".. Had accomplished so much..and her daughter megan was a student..jim and sue..(whoops.. Almost used their last name..)..he was always snapping photos with really good equipment and has started sending albums to all of it!! sue is a twin!!!!... David and laura we met late in the trip..sweet folks...and for sure they will have lots of pics of their trip!!..ken the banker and pam, his public speaker better half...great folks too!..let's see...judy was taking her grand kaitlen for a grand graduation (i think) trip..good fun...reta and her daughter, kathy, were such fun..loved them to pieces...renee and shelbi..from jacksonville..good gals...and and angie.. Both docs..he is a pediatric dentist and she specializes in pain medicine..great peeps..and we got to know them a bit better as we were taxied to the airport together at a god awful time sunday was a super fantastical  trip and we absolutely loved every minute of it and all the great new friends we made!!!.. I Know we  are all back to our lives... But what fun!!!!!

As you can see..davey really had a great time!!!