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Thursday, October 31, 2013

newest boat painting

this is another large format boat painting...30x30...the camera isn't capturing it very well but you get the idea...i'm sneaking up...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

so this is my finished four piece commission.  it's a birthday present for Cindy Force from her husband, David.  I can't get the photos lined up the way I want but all the paintings are oil on 12x12 gallery wrap canvas.  below is Sophie the dog, Betsy, one of the twins, Major the golden and Margy, another one of the twins.  I was delighted to have had this opportunity and I think Cindy was happy with the finished products!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Lillian's Peony"

30x30 oil on gallery wrap canvas
so I think this is done..after three days of work..palette kinife and lots and lots of oil paint..i think i''m happy with it.  it's in a very large format..30x30...I think i'll paint the edge in a cream color..(davey's suggestion)..after doing so many small pieces..(6x6)'s so much fun to work large! - i have two boat paintings in the works and one kid on the beach..all large and all using mostly palette knife..stay tuned....

Friday, October 25, 2013

sneaking up...and delivered my commission...

30x30 oil on gallery wrap
so I finally delivered my commission today...david force commissioned me to paint his two dogs and his twin daughters...a birthday present for his wife, cindy.  it's always a little scary presenting a commissioned piece..or pieces...never having met any of the subjects, i was truly going by each photo and the seat of my pants!...but i'm happy to say, he seemed really pleased..and now he only needs to find a place for them.  after lunch with some of my best girlfriends, I headed back to the studio this afternoon...sneaking up on this very large peony...from my friend Lillian's back yard...I did a very small version of this several years ago but thought it lended itself to this large format very well..all palette knife and of course not done but getting there...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

lillian's progress..

oil on gallery wrap canvas
so we're home and I need to post some of the stuff I did while we were in Georgia...but, after a day or two of re-entering, I finally got up to my studio..this was all ready to go before we left and i'm going to give it a whack!...very large painting..lots of palette knife and lots of paint!!...not even half done but it's lots of fun!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Another beautiful day...

We had a great day...played golf at sanctuary cove...a lovely course...we joined up with a fine fellow on the back nine..Willis...and moved along pretty well...Davey beat me again...most improved on points and score both.....took the dogs on a minor walk and then did a bit of acrylic stuff...I still can't figure out how to post images so I just posted to face book...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Great day...

I still can't post any images but we had a really good golf..I planned to paint this morning but did a bit of laundry and housework and before you knew it....time to walk the girls....we headed to the very desolate after the fall break last windy...but still lovely...met a gal..never got her name but she had one of her rescue dogs with her...never saw anything like it!!...her name was daisy...part lab and part walker hound...the kind you see In the fox hunt photos...anyway...this girl could FLY!!!!!... She was a as fast swimming as he was running and she was relentless!!!....her mom said she has made it all the way to sea island currents don't bother!!!!...anyway...our walk was extra long this morning...back home to dry the girls and lunch and then some serious painting!...actually finished all the oil work I had planned..Need to give these pieces time to dry...I'm still planning some acrylic work but the hard stuff is DONE!!!!...feeling good, Lewis!!!!... Still haven't figured out how to post images so I posted to Facebook instead can catch up there...( AJ, you're going to need to figure out how to do it....:)...)....playing at sanctuary. Cove tomorrow...I WILL kick his butt!!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Great day!...

This was a good day!!...after buying a brand new coffee pot a couple days ago, we realized it was missing some parts..(are you getting this AJ?) we used the bare bones one and went back to brunswick this morning for an exchange trip.   Davey thought since we were over there anyway...why not play golf at coastal pines!???!...two days in a row?!?!...when we got up this morning his shoulder was the only thing that didn't he said...and he is not harming his we went at it....he moved back to the green tees and still kicked my butt...84 to 88....but I plan to get him next time!!..when we got home I finished up another boat painting....finally happy with it but cannot post it tonight...I will try to post it tomorrow..Facebook for sure...

Saturday, October 12, 2013

At the beach

I can not figure out how to upload a photo from my
iPad to my blog...very frustrating!!!..we arrived thursday late afternoon and have spent the last couple days with boogie and her family.. Today I had some time to get out my paints and did a little palate knife piece...I sent it to Facebook but can't send it here...I didn't bring my computer so maybe I won't be able to ever post images but I'll keep you posted!... We may play nine tomorrow if my hubby feels up to it...I am so very flexible!!!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

small shorebird progress

this is maybe 4x6...when it's finished i'll be taking it to Georgia glynn art's Christmas sale..we leave this Wednesday and I can not wait!!