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Sunday, October 30, 2016


oil on panel

so this is Mia...for a friend and gone to heaven now..i've been working on three pieces to enter in the Randy Higbee show..i'll post them soon.. still reveling in our trip to chicago with mike and judy..saw the first world series game in wrigley field since 1945.. the year i was born!!!!..doesn't matter that they lost.. well it does.. but just being there was so special..a few facts:..45,000 inside the stadium with some paying $1500 for standing room only...300,000 outside in wrigleyville..shoulder to shoulder no doubt!!...$250 cover charge to get in bars like cubby bear..$500 for a table once you get inside but we understand that includes all you can drink!.. (whoa!..lots of drunks..and we ran into a bunch of them on our way out!!!)..took us an hour to find a ride back to the ritz carlton because they lied about the cab situation and we couldn't figure out UBER..walked through an interesting area where they were celebrating halloween in a BIG way!!..we saw abandoned wigs in the street.. or maybe they blew was a happening night for sure!!!..and now the cubbies are down 3-1..i'm thinking we may be winning tonight... stay tuned...

Monday, October 10, 2016

"Dragon Fruit"

oil on panel

so this is the weirdest thing...we have a new krogers in town...big whup!!.. and we usually ride over on our bikes with the radio blaring.. (causing a lot of smiles)...they have so much exotic stuff..especially in the produce section!.. this is a dragon fruit!!.. i thought i would paint it and then eat it!!.. that will be tomorrow..stay tuned.,....

Sunday, October 9, 2016

"Toe Shoes"

oil on canvas panel

so this is the reference photo i took for this little piece..i needed to have one more ballet painting for the Addison Bakehouse...Joan has several of my ballet works in her back space and wanted one more so i used my daughter's old ballet shoes..not mine.. i took ballet but NOT toe!!.. pretty sure these were jen's..and i hung them in my kitchen to photograph!!

Friday, October 7, 2016

cj's poppies

36x36 oil on gallery wrap canvas

so this is a project for my friend cj..i'm waiting for approval and then i'll take it ..carefully..up to the lake next week..there is a whole lot of paint on this and it's not going to be care must be taken!! doing these large poppy paintings!.. stopped in at addison bakehouse today and we have a plan for another painting in the main room.. kind of excited..i donated a dog painting to gleaners and i need to get to that next..still golfing, however..the weather is amazing!.. saying big prayers for my friends who still have homes on st. simon's..looks like the storm surge will be a biggie!!

Monday, October 3, 2016


original oil

i have been painting..just not a lot of posting..this is a commission for my friend Jan..