Monday, October 27, 2014

i'm so excited!!! and another tease.....

so this is a bit blurry, it turns out...but another little smidgeon of the project I've been working on...all will be revealed..(the big reveal)..on November stay tuned!.. on another note..i received three BIG boxes of canvas today..OVER sized canvas..all stretched linen...I am so excited..i am planning to do some BIG pieces!!!...i'm thinking i'll do half Georgia-oriented and half Indiana-oriented..maybe...but I have a lot to look forward to!..and nice because the weather is just about to turn semi-ugly!!..gorgeous day today..played seven holes..didn't keep score..lost a couple balls in the leaves...(WE HATE THE LEAVES!!!!) golf season, as mikey says, is (almost) over!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

another tease...

so here's another little piece of my "double secret" surprise...I think i'm finished with it but I used clove oil to condition my oil paints..a todd Williams thing..only I think I added a bit much of the oil..this painting is taking FOREVER to dry!!!!..working on a donation to the kids commons..a golden...i'll post when I get that finished!..

Sunday, October 19, 2014


12x12 oil on gallery wrap canvas
so this is a little 12x12 painting of "Villa"..i did this as a wedding gift for JK and Danielle..we went to their wedding several weeks ago and I am FINALLY getting to this!..they love their doggie and I loved painting her!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

on the island...

so we played oleander at jekyl yesterday..this is a photo of two deer prancing nearby..we arrived on the island Friday afternoon..we drove through horrendous thunderstorms on the way down..and they followed us all the way to the island!..we had to sit in our car for 30 minutes when we arrived..then we had a really bad first day or so..cable problems, email problems, trying to find pieces of furniture that had been either rearranged or broken...we love this place but we don't love the hassle of reentry! today was a new day..we played sanctuary cove..half an hour south...the four coolest par threes he's ever played, according to freddy couples...(just realized we each parred 3 out of 4 of them)..we were paired today with gene and ellen..a lovely couple..newly-weds in their sixties-ish...she was a novice with real potential and he was a seasoned golfer...very fun people who put up with my on again off again golf game..Davey had a really good day!!..he ended up most improved but I won yesterday so the battle is ON baby!!!!