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Monday, August 30, 2010

in progress....

12x12 oil on canvas
so here's my latest lips still needs work, as i can see in the light of day! no time to paint today though....had computer woes - that big blue screen of death hit yesterday and i freaked! - then i needed to clear up some stuff at the bank so nells and i ran errrands this morning and then davey and i got in some golf practice this afternoon...i'm really thinking i'm finding something and i'm very excited to get to ladies' day tomorrow! - i'm planning a magnolia painting for my friend, moon...more on that later!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

i have a painting...

ok - so i can't take a picture of it yet (battery issues..) but i do have a painting to post! - i've taken a couple of my "lips" paintings up to "SNIPS"...the hair salon my daughter boogie goes to in irvington. they want a few more so i finally got to the studio today. this week has been consumed with dealing with the tree woes...i'm afraid we have to take the whole thing way down if not out entirely! - it's just too dangerous. we are so lucky it went down early sunday morning a week ago and no-one was outside in the frenchies' back yard...when we got home from the lake and i actually SAW the damage..i was so shocked and felt blessed that no-one was hurt. so then we had our family reunion much fun - all of davey's family and all our kids and their was great food and great fun and a great weather day! - the girls and i were sneaking in a round of rummy after everyone else had gone home and the door bell rang and there appeared this police officer...asking if we had called 9-1-1-....what?????...we asked tillie - no...of course joe's too young to use the phone..but then we asked ollie...he hung his head...the culprit for sure!...he was devastated because he thought maybe he was going to jail and the funniest part was my hubby and son-in-law slept through the whole thing!...actually it's been a while since we had a cop at our front door - the last time was a christmas party many years ago and i think we were being too loud..or maybe it was a summer party...who remembers..but it's always disconcerting to open the door to a policeman, isn't it? i'll post my painting tomorrow. off to watch the playoff for the barclay's.

Monday, August 23, 2010

oh my goodness....

well...still no paintings to post but we do have a new is certainly throwing us a few curveballs we find our 2000 year old tree (at least) in the back has split and one third of it has fallen on the frenchies' shed. marie contacted us yesterday and we figured we could handle it as well from the lake as from home so, in and around golf, we've been in contact with insurance people, tree people, our daughter sent us a few pics but i won't post them because they're hard to make out. anyway - that tree is so special - it provides shade and a beautiful canopy for three well as leaves to fly into the pool, a home for birds who poop on my car...but i won't dwell on that - it's an old and beloved tree and it will never be the may be that it will never BE again and that would be absolutely dreadful! we'll find out more tomorrow when we get home....and i will give you a full report. and just as we're planning a huge family reunion/birthday party on no painting for sure ...but i'm itching to get back at it!!! for sure after this weekend i will be painting again!!!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

at the lake

so we're at the lake....and it's surprisingly cool! - we had a bit of rain last night or early this morning but no thunder-boomers over the water that scare everybody so much! arrived yesterday and played nine holes at mink lake - it was so dry that davey and i each lost 2 balls with only slightly errant shots..bummer!!..then our friends ceej and craig boated over for drinks and was it ever good to see them! - i think we totally missed getting together last summer - everyone's getting busier and busier - they're soon going to have their third grand arrive and they'll probably be busier still...craig's playing in his club championship this weekend and we're going to try and play with them tomorrow - hope the weather holds out. planning to go to this fabulous practice facility today - creekside -maybe even take boogs, greg and joe along - mexican last night, of course, and probably ribs tonight...and of course rummykub...i love the lake because there's no laundry to housework to meetings or luncheons to is good!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

TA DA!!!!!

well, i have no paintings to post but i do have some news...first of all, saturday morning, while taking out a big bag of recyclables in a plastic bag, i somehow got a large gash in my leg by a stray piece of bloken glass..perchance a wine bottle shard?...anyhow - i ingeniously wrapped a rubber band around my calf to form a tournaquet of sorts and drove myself to the ER where davey was working the mini shift. fortunately they weren't busy and my dear hubby took such good care of me - numbing my leg, cleaning the wound, lovingly placing 7 stitches (he should have been a surgeon, he's that good!)...all was going splendidly until tuesday when i had to play the second round of our club championship. i always have to get down behind the ball to line up my putts and tuesday was no different. i had a realy good front nine - (41)- and then started the back fairly well but ended up brutalizing 3 or 4 of the last holes and limped in with an 88. i was disappointed that i didn't finish strong but apparently it was good enough and, for the first time since we've belonged to hlcc, i am the ladies club champion. yikes!...but that's not the end of the story. later that night or maybe wednesday, davey looked at my leg and announced.."what the?'ve managed to lose 5 out of your 7 stitches!!! are the worst patient i've ever had!!!"...i thought i'd done it tossing and turning in bed but after playing yesterday at salt creek, i realized, that thing i do before i putt, squating down on my rightg leg...that was the i sacrificed my perfect scar for the club championship...i will have an ugly scar but...c'est la vie!!!
we're off tomorrow for the painting for me - no time - but i will be getting back to the studio soon - i always feel so much better when i've pushed a bit of paint around!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

vincent's i done?

ok - just pay attention to the first and the last photo...i can't figure out how to delete the others...i've had such a hard time getting these photos to look right - they are actually very similar in brightness and color in person but for some reason, it doesn't come across in the photos. (maybe the one i posted at the beginning of the project will be better?)..i went back to the studio and worked some more...really paying attention to brushwork and color in vincent's piece...what fun! i really like how this turned out!...i need to do a few more lip paintings for a place in indy and then maybe another copy of a master. tomorrow, however, we're heading to oldenburg..where they have the best fried chicken in southern indiana and where, it just so happens, they have a golden retriever breeder we're looking at. we think it's time for a sister for nellie and we may just order us up one tomorrow!! stay tuned!

Friday, August 13, 2010

ready... set....surprise!!!!!!!!

after 23 years, davey finally got a new ride!!!!! a 2011 mustang GT 5 litre, 435 HP convertible!! -(can you say "middle-age crazies?????) he's very sad to say good bye to the old "blue goose"..a 1987...but, as i say..."it's about goldang time@!!!!!! he says, "i came in with a navy blue mustang convertible and i'm going out with a navy blue mustang convertible"!!! ( i hope he keeps this one for at least 23 years!) of course he had two mustangs in between...his new baby, MR. blue, has been on special order for a couple months - he had it specifically built for him and i'm telling you, it's been very hard not to spill the beans! there have been so many conversations about davey and his car that he'd never people got one new car after another this summer..but i was a good girl - not even my kiddoes knew. but they do now!! i am so happy for him - he deserves a good car to drive and, as my buddy AJ said.."hey davey, you're actually cool again!!"...he's personally calling himself a "chick magnet" and cranking up the beachboys as loud as they can go!! what fun!!! now i really have to get the garage shaped up and no more spraying or paint-related activities out there for me. and a lot more car washing for him!!! life is good!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

been a while....

i've finally got an appointment to figure out how to run my new program so i can soon present properly cropped paintings. in the meantime, my harley davidson donation brought some nice money for my friend kelli and her daughter, which delights me to pieces! i've been golfing way too much to do any painting...spent the weekend in french lick and played the donald ross course twice while the guys got on the new pete dye course...lucky dogs!!....and then we had the first round of our club championship on tuesday and got to play the brickyard in indy yesterday. i played with a charming young lady... actually my daughter's age...who's only been playing for 7 years and has a wonderful swing. lots of fun!! - there are 4 holes actually in the infield of the indianapolis motor speedway...and yesterday was so hot it felt like we were in an oven in there - almost no breeze - i'm going to try and post a few pics of the course - when they redid it several years ago, they used pieces of the old track for the sides of the waterways - i don't know if i exactly captured that...anyway...great fun..and if i'd putted better i would have been in the money!! - my swing is slowly getting there! tomorrow i have something VERY exciting to post so stay tuned......

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

harley davidson donation

10x20 oil on canvas
is it obvious what this is? - i hate that i haven't figured out my program to get rid of the background..i must do that!...i met the sweetest gal at the bank who's hosting a benefit ride this weekend. it's for her daughter bria and i wanted to do something to help. i plan to donate this to the auction and hopefully it will bring some bucks for their cause. there were so many images of harleys to choose from and i really wanted to do something different. is this different? too different? - i had fun doing it - it was almost too hot to be outside today so i had some time to fit this in. hoping to golf tomorrow...