Sunday, January 19, 2020

super secret....

so i've been working on a secret project for a while now...only a handful of peeps know anything about this and even then..some don't know everything...this is a little teensey weensey tiny little piece of something for you to contemplate... if you want to.. or you could just wait..and long?..sometime soon all will be revealed!!...but it's been so nice to be occupied with this.. and i'm having great fun!!

Saturday, January 18, 2020


20x16 original oil on gallery wrap

so this is a commission for my friend jeff...Hogan crossed over the rainbow bridge and i hope this painting of him coming in after a snow romp will help commemorate him and bring some joy ...he looked like a true peach!!

Monday, November 25, 2019

Ziggy and Stardust

so this started as a donation..size 6x6..and the fellow wanted a larger now this is a Christmas commission!.. i think i'm finished but still waiting to see if some tweaking is needed!

Sunday, November 10, 2019


so this is for my friend Jane.  it's on a 12x12 gallery wrap canvas..wired and ready to hang.  there is still time to commission a pet portrait for Christmas.  sizes range from 6x6 to 16x20 and I can work from your favorite photo! get in touch at  i'm getting excited for the holidays!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

"Star" for my friend Steve

so this is for my friend Steve..."Star" is 16x20 and painted on gallery wrap canvas...this is a big larger than usual but I really liked working on this size!!  i'm working on Christmas commissions..plugging time of year for me!!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

a special commission

12x12 oil on gallery wrap

so here is a special commission for a friend.. I can't name this little guy because I don't want to spoil the surprise!  I've been busy with another surprise..can't talk about THAT either!!.. but stay tuned!

Monday, July 1, 2019

The Art and Soul of Bloomington

so I painted these three pieces for the annual Art and Soul of Bloomington.  the top one.."Practice, Practice" The Hoagy Carmichael sculpture (24x20) was juried in to the show) the other two.."The Birth of Venus (24x24) in the Showalter Fountain and "Freshly Shorn at Marble Hill" (30x40) will be at the gallery as well..just not in the special show area!..i obtained permission to paint these lovely sheep from the folks at marble hill .. a local sheep and heritage wool farm located at 8101 S. Victor Pike in Bloomington...The opening for this special show is this Friday at 6 pm.  I'm hoping to see some of  my peeps there.. come out if you can..i'm sure the show will be great.. only 25 pieces have been juried in and I'm delighted to be a part of this!

Saturday, May 25, 2019


7x5 original oil on canvas panel

so this has been on the back burner for a while..i wish i had known this dog!.. for my friend victoria!

Monday, May 20, 2019

first peonies

14x11 original oil on linen panel

so it's been a while..we've been working in the yard and one of my peonies started to have some buds..then all of a sudden on saturday we looked over while having a whirlpool..there they were!!.. lots of flowers..really fast!!.. so yesterday we were expecting thunder storms and i knew they would not last!!.. so i cut thunder storm..but i had these beauties to paint!!.. i have commissions waiting but i needed to do this!!  FUN!!

Monday, April 8, 2019

"Heidi heading to the Ocean"

24x12 oil on linen panel

so i've been working on stuff for my gallery in Georgia (Simon's)..since we don't drive down anymore i have to ship things!.. i saw my friend's photo posted on facebook and knew i wanted to paint this!! i got permission and here we go!!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

"Birdy and Olive"

16x12 original oil
so i do lots and lots of commissions!!.. once in a while, i come across an image..from facebook, for instance..that i feel a real affinity for and just HAVE to paint!!  this is one of those times!!.. i'm not sure which one is birdy and which is olive...doesn't the names and love this image of the two of them in exuberant expectation!..are their owners just getting home?.. are long-awaited guests arriving?..could it be the mailman?...or ..I KNOW!...some of their canine pals just passing by!....whatever the reason..they are super-excited!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

ce ce

6x6 original oil

i've had so many projects lately..many of them these little 6x6 guys...this is for my friends dave and jeannie..just put it in the mail yesterday!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

"Blue Bucket"...donation to our hospice

12x12 framed original oil

so Our Hospice called to see if i would be willing to donate a painting for their gala in jennings county in early february.  they had been on my website ( and liked some of my "kids on the beach" stuff.  luckily i had this on hand...

Thursday, January 17, 2019

wow.. did i have fun!!!..David Michael Slonim workshop


above paintings are from other workshop attendees!!

so..monday i hopped in the car with all my gear and off to anderson i went!!..this last picture is david in front of his white board.. he was doing a power point presentation..i think just a portion of what he will be doing in scottsdale..and recommending several books for us...

so first..he wanted to host a one-day workshop to see if he had the stamina for a five-day one.  and trust takes great stamina to do what he does..(i was there one day and it was exhausting!!!)...not only imparting loads of knowledge..but also handling the group of rowdy ladies..(some of whom had studied with him and abstraction before)...(i was fortunate enough to buy a demo of his from a workshop i took in 2010...a while before he went in this direction..)...back to the ladies...many questions..many thought-provokers..we listened and laughed and interacted all morning and then painted for about three hours in the afternoon...before our critique at the end of the day.....i did four..i think more than anyone..but the whole idea is..paint paint paint!!!..the more mistakes you make the more you learn something... and a representational painter for all these years.. abstract is hard!! can't just throw paint on the canvas.. well..maybe you can but it has to have a sound basis.. structure..and have the dominant feature be one of several themes in  line..which we concentrated on.. to name a few: u-shaped, l-shaped, bridge, cantilever, grid, horizontality, verticality, singe mass, twin masses, circle, s shape, ....etc etc....
       confused?... try being there!!.. i had a plan to use each of four photo references i brought to do one each..u-shaped, diagonal, vertical and horizontal!.. such a plan!!.. to my horror...david wouldn't let me use any of my other references!!...he said he was going to push me..and i had to figure out different formats for JUST ONE REFERENCE!!!!. which i will post...paint prints and all!..
      so his play list was fantastical!!..we painted and hummed and sang and maybe a little least i was dancing!!...all the while concentrating on the work at david says.."art is exploration. it's asking "what if" with a brush in your hand,  it's grown-up play!"...also.."a painting is a harmony of colored marks on a surface that communicates human experience".."a charged area of color that has the power to alter the biochemistry of another person - their mood, thoughts, pulse rate, blood pressure, imagination and mindset"

so this is the reference i used...over and over and over!!!'s a city scape at night.. a theme that has always tugged at my heart..probably because of the possibilities of abstraction...
a few paint spatters up in the steam area..which i couldn't decide whether to use or not..the steam.. not the paint smears.....

first attempt..a u-shape...12x12
so my next was twin masses.....also 12x12.. he said i had a strong start but i should put it aside and do totally unfinished,,,

he ordered me to have a circular format next..i thought "impossible"...and i was right...i really struggled with this attempt..which i ended up wiping!  ugh, right??  
so my last attempt..a 20x16 canvas...was fun!!..i was still trying for a circle of some sort..i looked at my reference and then put it away and did a sketch ..thinking about lines, shapes, and ended up with this:

this is a little off kilter because of my photo and the angles..but at least you can get the idea..i added that reddish strip at the bottom..just because..david seemed to be impressed with my progress from 1st attempt to last..(my hubby likes the first one best)..but i think i'm getting the idea of using a reference as a starting point and then stretching myself from there!!..he says "without exploration, you will never feel the thrill of discovery and surprise.  and neither will your audience!.. to paint well you have to regularly paint yourself into a get lost..on purpose!"

     i would highly recommend studying with David Michael Slonim if you ever get the chance!!  his workshop size is always limited..usually no more than he can really give each one lots of hand-on attention!.. he'll be in scottsdale the first part of february...check out his website for more glad i did this!!!!   


Monday, January 14, 2019

david michael slonim workshop!!!!!!!

First Glimpse of the Sea

so i am very incited (as my kids used to say!!)... i got an email yesterday about a last minute workshop in anderson given by david michael slonim.  i studied with him many years ago.. before he went abstract...he was already stressing shapes and values but since then he's really taken things to a new level!.. so i'm heading to anderson within the hour and will report back!!..

Monday, December 10, 2018

50-50 project ..."Fresh Catch"

4x4 mixed media

so i'm excited i was able to do this!.. i saw a post on facebook about a number of artists creating a small piece of art to be sold at a fundraiser for the arts. for some reason i was not on the mailing list so i called CAAC and managed to get a place because one of the artists dropped out...(lucky for me!!) i dashed down saturday morning and picked up a plain block of wood..4x4 and maybe 2 inches deep.  i knew i wouldn't have time to do something in oils so i did a small version in acrylics of a painting i had in a gallery in georgia.. plus i added some iridescent colors to make it seem more like scales...the opening for this little show is this thursday from 4-8 next to the CAAC office..411 6th street!!..i'm anxious to see what 50 different artists have to say!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

"John Doe(g)"..or John Dog(e)"...anyway it's a secret...

so here's another Christmas commission!!.. and it is super secret!!..this is an 8x8 original oil on gallery wrap canvas.. it's drying.. and will be ready in plenty of time for our Christmas surprise!!...i'm calling him "john Doe"..or John Dog"..or something...and if anyone out there recognizes this face... please keep it to yourself til after Christmas!!  PLEASE!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2018

"Holly" 14x11 oil on gallery wrap canvas

so this is a commission for my friend Ellen!.. she wanted the back-lit view but as you can see..the colors are so much darker in that reference..both the couch and Holly herself.. so she sent a few other references to show more of her true coloring.  we finally got it right and i'm so happy we did!!  it's very important to get it right!!.. now it will dry a bit and i'll send it off!.. this is a gorgeous dog and she is Ellen's sweet baby girl!!

Saturday, November 10, 2018


so i just finished this....a friend from bar harbor, maine passed my name along to her friend..and.. next thing you know...a Christmas commission!!.. i think i captured her and this will be a surprise...i love painting animals!.. have two more in the pipeline.. love it!!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

"Smooch!"...another donation..

so at the end of last week, as operation fundstorm was wrapping up, i asked if they could use another painting...mine was the last one they posted..and i'm happy to say it sold!! new friend Susan in florida will be receiving it in the mail maybe first of next week.  all in all, they raised over $111,000.00  and Susan, my new friend Renee in Virginia and i are all thrilled to be a small part of it!! on to Christmas stuff...i just got my first commission for a 6x6 dog painting..surprise christmas gift..and i love painting animals!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

"Whoa!" this is really cool.....

so i signed up for an on-line mentoring class with an artist i have long admired, Kenn Erroll Backhaus.  i actually signed up in july but i'm just now getting able to dig into it..but i have a whole year so it's kind of fun!..there is a private facebook site for members but i asked to friend him and he accepted.  so yesterday he posted a painting he was donating to "operation fundstorm".. a very impromptu effort by artists around the country to help the folks affected on the florida coast ...those devastated by hurricane michael...i wanted to get involved but apparently the deadline to donate had passed..i got in touch with those in charge, mainly a fellow named Larry Moore.. and it seems they had been inundated by offers to help..after the fact!!.. so i sent in this's 8x6..and a few minutes after it went up a gal in virginia bought it!!!!  i am beyond thrilled!!..they have surpassed their goal and are somewhere north of $70,000...and 100% of the money goes immediately to the coast!.. this is so cool!!..everybody benefits...the artist feels good..the buyer gets a painting and a tax write off and the folks in florida get a real boost!!  the auction is going on  til the 28th.. and a few of the artists have donated more than one's the link to the site:

Thursday, July 5, 2018

waaayyy post op!!!!

so here are two quarry paintings i did for "the art and soul of bloomington" annual show held at the gallery over there..i think the one on the bottom has been selected to be in the show.. and the other will be hanging in the i started these before my surgery on the 9th of may..i couldn't do much of anything for a while..painting wise or any other husband was own personal caregiver!!..not only did he do all the cooking.. i taught him how to do the sweeper...make the dishwasher..not that he couldn't have learned all that ..but those were the things i did while he did all the cooking!.. i still managed to get the bills paid! wonderful friends brought food and flowers and my daughter came over to help every time davey had to work a long was slow going and i was nervous i was messing up my result..doing too much?..but two days short of six weeks we saw my surgeon and he said i was all healed and i could go play golf!!..yikers!!.. so i've been out a few times..not good golf but little by little i'm trusting that i can shift my weight properly to get through the ball! we're finally at the cottage this week..first time!.. played a few holes yesterday til we got rained out.. spent about 45 minutes under a shelter on the golf course..bored...jen and the kids came up last night.. lots of fireworks, a huge thunderstorm and of course rummy kub!!!...boogs and fam are coming up tomorrow along with some cousins!!.. the opening for the show at the Venue is saturday night.. my i won't be able to be there but it's always a great show in case anyone is in the neighborhood!!

Monday, May 7, 2018

so it's all happening!!!..."Thatcher", Higgy"...and surgery!!!

Thatcher  6x8 original oil

Higgy  6x8 original oil

so here's the scoop...after my last post, i had a bilateral epidural in my back in mid march...hoping it might help with the hip as well as the back pain..then i had an MRI of my hip...the x-ray would have been good enough but i wanted to rule out any bad stuff..turns out the bad stuff was, indeed, my right hip!! i had a lesson with my pro at the club to see if there was a way i could swing that wouldn't hurt my right hip....even though he doesn't teach it as a rule, he had me try the "stack and tilt" method.. where you start with a lot of weight on your left side and then continue through swinging with your weight still going was very awkward but after a bit i could actually somewhat pull it off we went to st. simons island on the 13th of april.....i played five times..once at hampton, once at sea island, our old stomping grounds down there and then three times at frederica..the glorious private course at the north end of the was our third or fourth year to do this member-guest...and once again we were NOT dead last..our problem is not enough dots..we're not good enough to win the gross..and not bad enough to compete in the net..but such fun and such a gorgeous course!!.. i played pretty badly.. the last day was howling winds and 40 degree wind chill..making it even tougher..every now and then i could really concentrate and get a good swing accomplished!! one point i actually whiffed my drive on a par four (I'm blaming the wind, damn it!!) and ended up with a putt for par!!.. now THAT would have been a story!!

so my whole purpose was to get through that vacation.. i originally thought i could limp along with the help of some steroids and make it through the summer.. but since i've been home, it seems like i have gone down hill rapidly!!  i tried to play golf last wednesday..barely made it through here we are.. i had another epidural in my back this morning and early wednesday go in for a total hip replacement!!.. slowly but surely i've tried to get ready around my upstairs flower boxes planted..slowly!! just takes me so long to get anywhere!! daughter and grands came to help with the back yard flowers yesterday.. a BIG load off my shoulders!!..laundry, bills, house cleaning, all the stuff i would normally be doing....i have to tell you, this has been a VERY humbling experience.. and not just because of golf!! really gives me an appreciation for the folks who move slower than i always have..but i am very ready!!.. i have managed to get a bit of painting done.. did a few new paintings for the derby party at the club.. (you can go to harrison lake country club on facebook to see a couple of them..even though i didn't feel up to going!!)..then i had a few commissions to finish.. two of them are above.. one for my friend phyllie for her friend in colorado.. and the other, thatcher, for my friend polly.  i hope they like them!!  stay tuned!!.. due time.. i can stop chatting about this hip!!😏

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

This is how it started..."Evening Harbor" 36x36

ok.. so i admit it's been a while!!'s my story...(for those of you who've already heard this..just skip this part!) january 27th i was bringing this painting downstairs to show davey...something i often do.. i stepped over the puppy gate on the stairs..(also something i often do..)..but this time my foot slipped out from under me as i stepped over and i fell full force on top of the gate!!..i will spare you the gory details but i was a mess!!.. in a lot of pain.. lots of swelling and bruising..hobbled around for two weeks and was talked into playing a tennis match on February 9...("please..we need you") i showed up..and thought i did fine..but the next morning i woke up and could hardly walk!!..just like that!!..we had a trip planned to florida which i limped through.. played a couple rounds of gimpy golf..cancelled the others..spent a lot of time in their hot tub which was nice..then had x rays when we got home.. no fractures..a good thing.. but showed a very bad we took the film to my doc and all he saw was my hip!!..he said "you need a hip replacement!!"  what?????..last thing i was expecting!! long story short.. i had a shot of cortisone into my hip joint.. that was almost three weeks ago.. then i had an MRI on my back..and a bilateral epidural  two days ago..hoping to help the back pain and maybe some referred pain to my that's my story...

through all this..i haven't been able to do too much.. but sitting doesn't hurt as much as standing and working and housework and sweeping, etc.. so i have been able to do a bit of painting!!..working on my "grand" project..doing some new horses for the derby party..doing a commission for a friend that i can't post till a bit later..we leave for georgia next friday and i am determined to play golf!!.. probably six rounds if i can manage it..and then we'll see after we return.. hoping to put this surgery off for the rest of golf season..stay tuned!!

forgot to mention...this painting is now available at Simon's on st. simon's island, georgia...

Saturday, January 27, 2018

"Black Sheep, Black Sheep"

24x24 oil on gallery wrap canvas

so i discovered...actually boogie already discovered it long ago...this great little gift shop in irvington called  "Black Sheep Gifts"...5626 e. washington..they have so much fun stuff..i took the girls there for a bit of a sassy girls' outing..followed by a great thai lunch on mass ave!!..anyway.. i thought i would paint this black sheep for them!..

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


12x12 oil on gallery wrap canvas

so this is a donation to the gleaners food bank!.. i've done many paintings for them over the years.. a very worthy cause..they hold fund raisers from time to time and this will go to a gal from indianapolis.  above is the photo i worked from!!..Bailey is a cutie!!..he looks a lot like our grand dog Georgia and a little bit like our old golden doodle Cubby!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


24x20 oil on linen

so this is charlie!.. i painted this for my friend Rob..just in time for him to take it to florida for his place down there!..i can't wait to see it framed and in its new home!..i had several things to finish before christmas.. and now i have another round of stuff to get accomplished..but i'm happy to be back in the studio!!.. speaking of happy...happy new year to all my peeps!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


6x6 oil on gallery wrap canvas
so this is a commission for my friend Karen..i am very happy i was able to get it done in time for Christmas for her!!...

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

"Amazing Grace"

6x6 oil on panel

meet "amazing grace"..she, too, has passed over the rainbow bridge....maybe she and skipper are frolicking!!.. for my friend sherry...


6x6 oil on canvas panel

so this is Skipper.. now crossed over the rainbow bridge...for my friend Christy...

Randy Higbee opening...again!!!!

 so this is the post card for my remaining "horsehide" painting  sold!!!!..they had a first opening on the 2nd and sold many many!! and went through 93 bottles of wine!!.. i SO wish i could've been there!!...if only for the wine!!!!  so they're having a second opening this next saturday..there are some wonderful paintings still available...visit and have a look!!