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Wednesday, January 3, 2018


12x12 oil on gallery wrap canvas

so this is a donation to the gleaners food bank!.. i've done many paintings for them over the years.. a very worthy cause..they hold fund raisers from time to time and this will go to a gal from indianapolis.  above is the photo i worked from!!..Bailey is a cutie!!..he looks a lot like our grand dog Georgia and a little bit like our old golden doodle Cubby!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


24x20 oil on linen

so this is charlie!.. i painted this for my friend Rob..just in time for him to take it to florida for his place down there!..i can't wait to see it framed and in its new home!..i had several things to finish before christmas.. and now i have another round of stuff to get accomplished..but i'm happy to be back in the studio!!.. speaking of happy...happy new year to all my peeps!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


6x6 oil on gallery wrap canvas
so this is a commission for my friend Karen..i am very happy i was able to get it done in time for Christmas for her!!...

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

"Amazing Grace"

6x6 oil on panel

meet "amazing grace"..she, too, has passed over the rainbow bridge....maybe she and skipper are frolicking!!.. for my friend sherry...


6x6 oil on canvas panel

so this is Skipper.. now crossed over the rainbow bridge...for my friend Christy...

Randy Higbee opening...again!!!!

 so this is the post card for my remaining "horsehide" painting  sold!!!!..they had a first opening on the 2nd and sold many many!! and went through 93 bottles of wine!!.. i SO wish i could've been there!!...if only for the wine!!!!  so they're having a second opening this next saturday..there are some wonderful paintings still available...visit and have a look!!

Saturday, November 25, 2017


36x36 oil on gallery wrap canvas

so this is the fourth koi painting for my friend will probably hang at Harrison Lake Country Club for a while through the holidays..i have also been busy with a few commissions..posting them a bit later.. i know i haven't been posting a lot but things have been a bit chaotic in our lives for the past few months.. and then before that there was summer...and golf...but i will definitely have more time to paint in  the coming months..and of course i can post some of the stuff i've done and not told you about!...(alex..i'm still here)...happy thanksgiving to all my peeps!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

"Ekphrasis" II "Earth and Ether"..(SOLD)..and the poem.....

oil on gallery wrapped canvas
so this is last year's painting..and once again Antonia Matthew honored me with the following poem:

Out There: Earth and Ether

snowstorm-white, smog-yellow
surges by.

Air Howls, snagged
by shadowed mountain range
whose rocks are silent, enigmatic.

Air becomes river.
Mountain becomes
packed-earth bank.
River becomes torrent
battling earth.

River becomes sea.
Earth, becomes rocky shore.
Sea becomes great wave
lifted by wind, rising, cresting,
to assault shore,
crack rock open,
expose secrets.
Rock, silent, hunkers down.

The watcher's hands punch sky,
feet grip rock, as sea foams
around her, filling her ears
with clamor.  Possessed, her eyes
burn.  She is poised to leap.

Force of wind and water
push her back,
keep her

(and yes..i love this one too!!)

Saturday, September 9, 2017

"Home from Church"...(SOLD) first ekphrasis...and the poem...

oil on board

so this is the first "Ekphrasis" happening...poets and artists joining forces.. my friend jim asked if i would post the i'll start with this first one from 2015.. the poet is Tonia Matthew...

At first
the single figure,
the sky spilling into the street,
the blue shadow on the roof
a single bell toll,
the street moving from sunlight
into the dense shade
of overhanging trees.

But then
through a break in the fence
along the path, 
sunlight slides,
soaks into a clump
of orange flowers, 
sets them on fire.  

The small woman
dressed in black,
white kerchief over her head
pauses    there,
leans on her cane.
She has come from the church
where she lit a candle,
sat in the cool dimness
Now, she is on her way home
to that small, silent room

But, see   she has stopped,
warmed by the glow of orange flowers.
Waiting, perhaps, for them to speak.

(and yes, i do love this!!!!)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

finally back at it...somewhat...

36x36 oil on gallery wrap canvas

so this is another commission for my friend david.  i absolutely love painting koi.. they have so much personality..i could do a koi painting every day!!.. and here it is september and all of a sudden it's fall!! is winding down..i did manage to snag low gross in our club championship ...laura decided NOT to go fishing in canada so she was over all club champ..and well deserved!!..had a pretty good day at timbergate today..84 with two doubles..too bad i couldn't do that a few weeks ago!... but you know what that's called?!???....GOLF!!!  some days the bear gets YOU!!  i have some other commissions to get going on..but the weather is too nice to spend in the studio.. those days are a way i can't wait!!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"Brooklyn"...(also for Alex!)

8x6 oil on panel

so i know it's been a really long time between posts..and this one is just so Alex knows i haven't passed away!!😊.. we have a new puppy..i may have mentioned it earlier..."Waveland Ivy Sheffield Elizabeth...wavey" for short.. and boy has she changed things around here!!.. she's turning 5 months in a week and is one rowdy and rambunctious little girl!!..we have chew toys all over the house and yet she seems to enjoy chewing up paper and kleenex more than anything..(think: "the dog ate my homework!")..we ride in the hot rod every day to the airport..with the top down.. and it's all i can do to hold her down and keep her from leaping this image is NOT wavey.. this is a painting for my friend Doug of his Brooklyn.. now gone to puppy heaven..since it's summer..i don't have that much time to paint..too much golf...and puppy...but i did do several paintings for my new gallery/shop in valpo..all birds nests and feathers.. i'll post some of them..i'm a bit behind in wedding gifts but the fall will come and wavey will grow up and i can get back at it!!!...thanks for not giving up on me!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

some water lilies...

oil on stretched canvas (available)

so i've been taking this class from dennis perrin.. the perrin method..loved it!!.. he is all about values.. and has us doing a very simple but easy to follow value map of the subject...the first image is my map..the second is the ? finished painting..maybe still working... this is an image of the giverny lily pads...

Monday, May 8, 2017

some derby hats...

so each of these paintings is 24x30..these are currently hanging at harrison lake country club and were part of the decorations for their annual derby party..unbelievable food, by the usual.. and a fun night of dancing and meeting some new peeps!..the third a new rendition of one i donated to the frederica academy on st. simon's island for their derby party..i am currently ensconced in the kitchen...tending to our newest family member..waveland ivy sheffield elizabeth...wavey..a nine week old (tomorrow) and tiny golden retriever!!...sometimes we look at each other after bringing her home yesterday and say "what were we thinking?"..but she will be great.. for us and for ruby...i'll get some pics posted tomorrow...

Sunday, May 7, 2017

been a while..."Red Kickers"

12x12 oil on gallery wrap

ok.. so here's just part of what i've been doing...this painting.. along with one of my wine bottle/wineglass paintings has been donated to "Wine, Women and Shoes"..a gala being held may 12 to benefit Gleaners..a cause i've given to for years..second.. i've been taking an online class with dennis perrin.. who specializes in values..(lights and darks)..and has a unique way of working that i am trying to incorporate into my work..i'll post some of that a bit later.. also.. a few weeks ago i was approached by a fellow named adam ziemba who wanted to do an interview with me for his was all about "expert advice on how to purchase art"..and although i certainly don't for one second think i'm an expert.. on anything!!!....i was happy to share some thoughts with him.. so the article went "live" today and i wanted to share the ...AND we brought home our new golden retriever puppy "waveland ivy sheffield elizabeth gregory girl"...(wavey) will never be the same!!!!  but in a good way!!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Paris in the Rain

12x12 original oil

i delivered my horses to The Venue on tuesday.. this paris painting is also it!!..i am working on derby hats paintings.. i'll post soon..and perhaps another horse..

Saturday, April 1, 2017

"You lookin' at Me?"

oil on gallery wrap

so this painting is going to The Venue in Bloomington, is featured in the Herald Times magazine..published online starting ...the Venue is a wonderful gallery featuring all sorts of art..two and three dimensional.. owned by the super coleman family!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

georgia fish... in progress...

24x24 original oil on gallery wrap canvas

so i thought i'd show this in progress.. i haven't posted in a while.. i've certainly been painting but somehow there's never enough time for posting...i've been working on this for a couple days.. sneaking up on it..i actually added some silver foil to look a little like gills..this will be heading to Simon's on st. simons island in georgia...we are not driving so i'll be sending this down..along with others i will post in the next days..speaking of days.. this was a good one.. i always consider a day when i can golf, paint, exercise and have a wonderful meal.. a GOOD day!!!.. plus some other stuff...

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

new work..

oil on gallery wrap canvas

so..i am trying to think spring!!.. we had a taste of it last week..and now what????!!! here's a great big rose..probably going to be going to harrison lake or tre b downtown.. i'm working on a big sunflower..sort of in the van gogh style..hope to finish that up tomorrow..

Monday, February 27, 2017

new poppy painting

oil on gallery wrap canvas

so the past two days i decided to think spring...this is a poppy painting  which will probably go either to harrison lake country club or tre bichieri...don't know yet...i'm heading to the venue tomorrow to deliver my field of poppies..and i have yet to post the doggies i've been doing.. stay tuned...

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

been a while...

oil on gallery wrap

so it's been a while...i have been painting...then not painting.. and now painting again.. first of all.. this is the surprise birthday present my friend laura commissioned for her husband's his favorite place in canada to fish...called miminsiska falls.....i combined two photos and she tells me he was really surprised and really seems to love it!!.. so...there's that...and then we had a nice, if short, getaway to bonita springs, florida...played four days of golf..some good..some bad..davey scored great though!!...we got home on tuesday the 31st...that day our golden nellie seemed so strange..she had a bad night so i slept on the floor with her...soothing her when she needed me...and then the next morning..she just wasn't going to get up.  we think she waited for us to get home before she crossed the rainbow bridge..we have been devastated..we see her around every corner..cry at odd times.. she was 15 and 1/2 and saw all of us through good times and bad and helped to raise all five of our it was hard to do anything for a while..i can't believe how many wonderful notes i got on facebook..such a wonderful outpouring of compassion from other dog-lovers to us..many of the folks for whom i had done small remembrances when they'd lost their beloved pets...and then it happened that i had the urge to get back to the studio.. to do more of these remembrances..i wish i had somebody to do one for me..selfishly..but i am so grateful to be able to share what i've been i will post these in the coming days..yesterday was our 46th ann'y and to celebrate, i did a museum painting, (more later about that), we hit some golf balls..went on a bike ride and out to dinner.. a wonderful dinner at tre b!! we were finishing, our waitress offered us a dessert on the house..(so gracious)...and said  "your dinner has been taken care of by #1 and #2 and their wives!"...(translation: jen and boogs and their hubbies!) special!!

Sunday, January 22, 2017



so this is a commission for my friend bill.. it's a birthday present for his wife... kind of last minute.. and i'm so happy to be able to get it done in time!!.. his name is "greyboy" and i hear he's quite a hunter and a lover!!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

randy higbee

so the randy higbee gallery is having a great sale on the remaining pieces from their 6x6 show! Koi piece is pictured here...

Thursday, January 12, 2017

a wedding gift

8x16 oil on linen panel

so i haven't been able to paint in a while.. actually i did finish up a commission or two..i'll post later.. but this is a wedding gift for george and katherine...we attended the wedding in new hampshire a while back and the newlyweds finally decided on this .. we had never visited that part of the country before and it was absolutely gorgeous!!.. we did a bit of sight seeing..vermont, dartmouth, a glass blowing factory, just browsing around...this is a view of the church and surrounding area.. the church was at the top of a hill and i took a few close up pix but this is a stunning view!.. hope i did it justice!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

we added a new size to "Celebration"!!

we decided to add a new size to the prints available on my website.. 16x16..hand-embellished giclee on canvas!.. ...meanwhile.. almost done making peanut brittle!!

Monday, December 12, 2016

all i want for Christmas...

"Celebration"...and other cubs prints.. available at day to order in time for Christmas is the 14th!..where does the time go???

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

"World Series"

so this is another painting i did in honor of our winning the world series.. AT LAST!!... one hundred and eight years later!!!!..this is available on my website for all you cubbie fans!!

off to THE VENUE...

so i delivered several pieces to my gallery in Bloomington.. The Venue has the best selection of all sorts of art.. jewelry, pottery, paintings, such lovely people!!.. so this will be at their booth at the mall..along with several other prints and originals..they have the 24x24 size of Celebration and i sent over another painting depicting our victory over kentucky a while back!..

Sunday, November 20, 2016

"Sushi Marie"

6x6 oil on panel

so this is Sushi Marie... gone to heaven now..for my friends Roberta and here's what been happening lately... i had such a sore body for some reason on saturday...then i thought back..on thursday i drove to a tennis match in carmel..where we got our butts kicked!!.. they are so lucky to have so many gals to choose from..our second round, we had to face a pair of fresh recruits..who REALLY kicked our butts!!..then friday.. i stacked a half rick of wood that i made davey save for me so he wouldn't have to do it all.. then a long bike ride into a 20 mile-an-hour head wind..."it's ok honey..we'll have a tailwind on the way home!!"..then we played nine at harrison..we were thinking it very well could be our last chance with the weather changing!..  davey was scoring so over after nine..and i kept telling him.."your decision whether we quit or go on.."  he decided to quit with good memories.. he said he'd be so angry if he went 37-44 so we just sailed off into the golf sunset..i did ok as well.. after bogey on the first three holes, i ended up with a 41..not too shabby!.. so i guess i really used some serious muscles over a couple days!!..

meanwhile.. i continue to see my "Celebration" painting on the cover of LIFE magazine.. i snagged that image off the tv and worked several days on it before the magazine issue even came out!!..i guess that was a very memorable and iconic image..and hopefully folks will want to capture it for their favorite cubs fan.. christmas maybe?..

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

cubs paintings available now!..

so i just finished placing these items on my website.. both originals and reproductions..we are still over the moon and so happy for our guys!! and for cubs fans all over the country!!

check out my website!

Sunday, November 13, 2016


12x16 oil on gallery wrap

so here's another painting in celebration of the world series...we already had the very old cubs hat and the baseball..just needed to add the program!! probably going to be making some prints..soon to be available on my website..(

Saturday, November 12, 2016

so i've been working on this for several days.. sneaking up on it..still reveling in the glow of the aftermath.. after all.. it may not happen again for 108 years!!!!...i'm letting it marinate for a few days before i decide..definitely going to make prints..also have a few smaller ones i'm working on..

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

in progress...

so we've been celebrating for days after the cubs won the series!!..we've watched the game over and over and this scene of the celebration scrum on the mound struck me!!.. i told davey.."run that back!!".."I want to paint this!!".. so this painting has been in the works for several days..sneaking up on it.. and apparently great minds think alike since this image was just on the cover of Life!!.. if a tad different.... my piece is 36x36 and will take a while to finish.. and then i don't know what.. maybe make prints?..maybe not?...i would be interested to know who all might be interested...


so this painting has been accepted into Randy Higbee's 6x6 exhibition in Orange County, California.  happy to be a part of it!!.. exhauasted from staying up til 1:30 watching the election returns...praying that our country will take a turn for the better!...and now.. back to working on some cubbie stuff!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

randy higbee entries

so these are my entries in the Randy Higbee 6x6 show in california..i'll find out in a few days if any of them have been accepted..and i'll keep you posted!

Sunday, October 30, 2016


oil on panel

so this is Mia...for a friend and gone to heaven now..i've been working on three pieces to enter in the Randy Higbee show..i'll post them soon.. still reveling in our trip to chicago with mike and judy..saw the first world series game in wrigley field since 1945.. the year i was born!!!!..doesn't matter that they lost.. well it does.. but just being there was so special..a few facts:..45,000 inside the stadium with some paying $1500 for standing room only...300,000 outside in wrigleyville..shoulder to shoulder no doubt!!...$250 cover charge to get in bars like cubby bear..$500 for a table once you get inside but we understand that includes all you can drink!.. (whoa!..lots of drunks..and we ran into a bunch of them on our way out!!!)..took us an hour to find a ride back to the ritz carlton because they lied about the cab situation and we couldn't figure out UBER..walked through an interesting area where they were celebrating halloween in a BIG way!!..we saw abandoned wigs in the street.. or maybe they blew was a happening night for sure!!!..and now the cubbies are down 3-1..i'm thinking we may be winning tonight... stay tuned...

Monday, October 10, 2016

"Dragon Fruit"

oil on panel

so this is the weirdest thing...we have a new krogers in town...big whup!!.. and we usually ride over on our bikes with the radio blaring.. (causing a lot of smiles)...they have so much exotic stuff..especially in the produce section!.. this is a dragon fruit!!.. i thought i would paint it and then eat it!!.. that will be tomorrow..stay tuned.,....

Sunday, October 9, 2016

"Toe Shoes"

oil on canvas panel

so this is the reference photo i took for this little piece..i needed to have one more ballet painting for the Addison Bakehouse...Joan has several of my ballet works in her back space and wanted one more so i used my daughter's old ballet shoes..not mine.. i took ballet but NOT toe!!.. pretty sure these were jen's..and i hung them in my kitchen to photograph!!