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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I just have to share this...

Ok...i have no photo of this...thank the good lord!!! on my ipad and not my computer so i dont know how to post any i did a fantastic two day workshop last week with Nancy franke on st. started a bit scary since i thought my box of supplies i sent down early had been stolen...turns out i was trying to pick them up at the wrong house!! friend becky lives in a Grey house..NOT a Blue house...never was blue ...apparently...anyway..intensive two days and loved every minute of it!!..more later about that when i can fgure out how to post photos...Anyway..davey met me in ft. Myers on saturday and we drove down to marco island..explored sunday and then played golf yesterday at the here's how we do it on vacation...if we're playing a new course and we're unfamiliar with the layout..if we land in a hazard we didn't know was there..we just lay out and dont take a stroke..we're on vaca, after all.....ok.. So my day started with a great drive that barely missed a trap so i was looking good...til i got up there and found a hazard past the trap...i retrieved my ball...actually birdied the hole...sort of a minorly cheating birdie...and was actually even par after i was looking good...then i lost my swing..kept flipping..early golfers know what i'm talking after four horrible holes where i lost three or four balls in the water...and i was ready to quit...davey worked with me a bit.. I finally hit a really good drive..barely missing these traps just as the hole dog legged to the right!!..right? i went to where my ball should have been..and MORE water!!!!...  But ..aha.. I think i see my ball on these rocks and i was really tired of losing i stepped down..trying to retrieve the ball.. The rocks are very strange down here..very slippery...and they gave way..(never would have happened in indiana)...and i did a slow, thrashing tumble into the pond..lake..whatever the hell it was...davey said.." I was so worried when i first saw it..i thought i'd have to go in after you..or you would fall in really deep water and panic..or maybe one of the hundreds of gators would show up...then i realized you were just dumb and  all i could do was laugh and wished I had my camera!!!!"....everything but my left shoulder and high left hip was totally submerged...scraped my right  leg and arm...and of course that was the ninth hole and i had another nine to play!!!!... We howled..if i'm not falling off my bike, the lid of the whirlpool is falling on my head...or im tripping and falling in a lake.. I told davey.."One of these days im going to do something serious!"...meanwhile...we had a fun day today with two fellows who rent here for the winter...and another day of golf tomorrow before we head is indeed good!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


24x18 oil on gallery wrap canvas
so here's another project i worked on before Christmas..this was for my Godson Matt...who commissioned me in november to try and capture his special lady..we were in florida attending a wedding and met sharie for the first time..they came to Columbus for Christmas and we were able to surprise her.  I also surprised matt with a painting I've had on hold for a while.. as soon as he sends me a photo, i'll post that one!!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Dexter and Marley"

so it's been a while..this is a commission for my friend Brenda..these guys were puppies when this photo was taken...and they're all grown up now..and they're brothers...which is so cool!~I really have been working but haven't posted for a while.... getting ready to head south for a workshop with nancy franke...held at mary Anderson's gallery on st. simons...and I absolutely can not wait!!!!!

Friday, January 8, 2016

day eight.."Phyllie's Pear"

oil on gallery wrap
this is "Phyllie's Pear"...I think I posted it earlier but i wanted it to be part of my 30 in 30 project..i painted so much right before Christmas that it HAS to count, no?? friend phyllie has moved into a new home..after a very long search to find just the perfect place...and it is perfect!!..and the pear seems to work just right!!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

day seven..."Sumo"

oil on gallery wrap my new friend bill asked me to paint this for his wife for christmas..i'm pretty sure this kitty's name is sumo..looks like a sumo, doesn't he??? any rate.. this kitty is in heaven and I hope bill's wife enjoyed her present as much as I enjoyed painting it for her!!..almost done taking Christmas down...spent much of the day singing to mama mia and working is my wont!!..for some reason i can't pack away ornaments... (all 207 of them).. from the tree...not counting all the sprigs of holly..(I love my tree)..without singing along to mama mia!!..followed by love actually!..

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

day six..."oscar"

 oil on gallery wrap canvas my new friend bill saw some of my work at the "Columbus makes" show at the Columbus Art and Design venue...he wondered whether I could do this painting of his neighbor's dog..oscar was a grand next-door neighbor who was on his way to heaven in the next several days..i was happy to do this for him...i'm not sure when he presented this to his neighbor but I am so hoping he loved it as much as bill did!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

day nicholas

oil on gallery wrap
here's a little painting of of three new ones I completed this year..and counts toward the 30 day challenge..soon now..i will be doing new work!..promise..

Monday, January 4, 2016

day four.."scotties"

oil on gallery wrap
so this was for my friend Barbara...she gave it to her daughter for christmas so i had to keep quiet..i only wish I could remember their names!!..this is another in our 30 paintings in 30 days..even though I painted it a while still counts!..i'm watching instructional dvds while i'm working on the house..taking down Christmas..little by little..leaving the outside window boxes and candles in the windows for a while!!..not ready for the holiday to be over just yet!!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

day three..."Zeus"

oil on gallery wrap
so i didn't paint this today..i watched the colts pull out a no avail..and finished the first disc of a fabulous scott tallman powers dvd..a moody city scene which I am loving!!!!..this is a painting of Zeus for my friend Karen..zeus is actually her brother's dog!!..but isn't he gorgeous??..

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ben Hogan

oil on gallery wrap canvas
so here's another iconic image..this time it's the amazing Ben Hogan.. i have read and re-read his small instructional it!!..  i am participating in leslie saeta's 30 paintings in 30 days challenge..starting yesterday we post a new work every day...i will try and post some of the things I did in December..that's not can actually paint ahead!! and then i will do something every day or almost every day through the month of January...stay tuned!!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones
so this is an iconic image of the great bobby jones!..this has probably been painted many, many times and I decided to put my own spin on him....he was an amazing golfer..won many tournaments..and never turned pro!!..I think he was actually a lawyer..i have actually done a lot of painting through the holidays but couldn't post anything so as not to ruin the surprise..i hope I remembered to take photos of the things I accomplished..more tomorrow..

Saturday, December 12, 2015


so this a little painting of schuyler...a fine gal who's romping in doggie heaven brings me so much pleasure to do these paintings for friends who have lost their loved members for sure..

Sunday, December 6, 2015

project for marilyn

so I finally finished these two paintings!!..I have been working on them for a while..they are of two sets of grands belonging to my friend Marilyn..there's another image that her daughter is planning to paint..then she'll have all her grands displayed above her couch....and i'm pleased to announce that she and her hubby truly seemed to love that's always cool!!.. I have a few more commissions to complete before Christmas and I will post them here!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"Phylie's Pear"

oil on gallery wrap canvas
 so I've been working on this for a while!! friend phyllie decided she wanted a great big pear for the dining room in her brand new digs!!..the place is absolutely perfect..such a great space!..and I only hope they all love this as much as I do!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

WHEW!!!.... SUCH A DAY!!!!

6x6 oil on panel here i sit with a bag of peas on the bridge of my nose...really hard to see what i'm typing by the way...earlier today this same bag was on my right elbow, where I had yet another cortisone shot for my tennis/golf elbow!...I am so happy to announce that I had this painting accepted into the randy higbee 6x6 show..opening December 5 in costa mesa, California!!..thrilled beyond words!! i'm also working on a commission for my good friend phyllie..she came by today and seems to love it..i was working on some other stuff in my studio and was cleaning up and trying to clean off a palette knife..and SLASHED my left index finger!!..(never realized they were so freaking sharp!!!)....poor Davey..he has worked above and beyond on me today..he had to glue my gash together..I've had it in a bag so it wouldn't get wet when I washed my hair and showered...holding it over my head most of the evening...but back to the peas...after dinner I was reaching for something under the sink in the bathroom and it suddenly gave way, crashing my nose into the granite!!..I ran screaming to my hubby of course..."NOW Look!!!"...and he suggested the peas...i'm heading to indy for a special outing with my girlfriends.."how to have a stress-free Christmas"...hell..i need to learn how to have a stress-free Thursday...or maybe Friday...I will be traveling with a bad right elbow, a bad left index finger and possibly a very large nose...time will tell! least I got a painting into the higbee show!!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

BEST Halloween EVER!!!!!!!

Behold "The Witch"!!!!!....for the last twenty to thirty years this is what awaited anyone daring to approach the door at "the scary house"...the one with the strobe lights and all the spider webs and the horrible loud scary noises streaming from the open windows...the one with the dead man slumped in a chair on the front porch...was he really dead?..or would he spring to life as he did one year..or maybe two..

...sometimes there would be extraneous ghouls (kids, friends of kids),,roaming around the yard, one sticking a knife in the ground as she squatted there with a hideous grin..(remember, boogs?)..or chasing young trick or treaters down the street...(remember jase?, jen?..) and the youngens would run in panic..screaming in delicious horror...they loved it!!..and over the years, the little ones..who could barely get off the front sidewalk to walk up to the house one the years went by,  would get braver and braver..closer and closer, eventually venturing all the way up to the have the witch throw it open with a howling screech..."welcome children!!!!...would you like some candy?..or would you like to become my soup????"...what fun!! would drive in from all over..who knows where..drop the kids off at our house and wait for them to get back in the car and drive off..more then once, the witch was greeted at the door by a group of kids..or maybe even just one..with the parents in tow..filming the whole encounter!..often the witch would have to take off some of her scary stuff to soothe the really young or the super scared..

..and of course the witch had some very scary sidekicks..two canine and one human..usually dressed in hospital gown with a horrific mask..sometimes there would be fog..sometimes not..(lots of work, that fog machine..)..the first year the witch and her cohort had to be out of town for the holiday, they left a poem on the front porch and a big bag of candy..exhorting the little goblins to take a few pieces and leave some for the next guy..and we found one candy bar in the bottom of the bag when we got home!!

...over the years it's gotten harder and harder to get this all accomplished..we sort of created a monster, so to speak...but tradition will out..even though most of the little ones have grown and some are getting married..and some have grown up never having been brave enough to meet the witch..(and you know who you are!!)...there are always new little ones..last year it was a bit easier..i decided to use a mask..that green and black makeup was a beast to get off!..this lieu of the loud noises that admittedly drove the dogs mad..we opted for a few new ghouls to hang on the front porch..all motion sensitive so there was plenty of noise!!..scary noise..and we had the strobe light out and the dead guy and plenty of spiders and spider webs..a few realisitic looking huge vampire bats as well...but the best part...the VERY best part...we opted to have a stay-cation!!..we left a huge pumpkin full of candy and a note saying the witch was not home ..(a wee bit of a Halloween tale admittedly..) was great!!  no rushing to the door, affixing the mask or putting in the bad teeth, ready to howl..we simply had a great spheghetti dinner (the sidekick ghoul is also the best cook in the world..)..relaxed, quiet..and the kids still got a good scare!!..most of the candy was gone and the witch and her sidekick live to rise another year...or not!!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

more "green girl"...

so I worked on her a little bit more today..and I still see something I want to change..i'm hoping to enter this into randy higby's 6x6 show..i missed it last year and I still have time to enter a couple pieces for this year..see if you can tell what I did today...

Friday, October 30, 2015

i had fun today....

6x6 oil on linen panel
so I really had fun with this!!..not sure it's done but almost!..i was inspired by a painting I saw in the Churchill hotel in London...I absolutely fell in love with this painting of a young man..but very oddly colored...lots of green in the shadows..but it worked somehow! this is my attempt at that color took me the whole afternoon but I had so much fun!..trying to get the skin tones right with hints of surrounding colors..i will revisit this tomorrow and repost..see if you can notice the small differences...

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

a great big magnolia..

30x30 oil on gallery wrap canvas
so it's been a while...we've been back and forth to the lake so much this summer..and I HAVE been painting..mostly for the new gallery up there..i will post a few of those pics if I can determine that i actually photographed them!!  MEANWHILE....back at the ranch...I did a bit of painting over this weekend..this is one of the large ones..a really big magnolia!!..loved doing it!..

Sunday, September 27, 2015


oil on stretched canvas
so this is a painting for my new friends and owners of the white key gallery in Valparaiso..ed and sue spelde.  this is molly..and I suppose I have a penchant for painting puppies who have passed on to pooch heaven!!!..she looked like a sweet girl and I hope she's having fun with all her new found friends!!..heading to valpo in a few days..planning to do some golfing and some painting...

Monday, September 21, 2015

second piece in this commission...

so this is a start on the second piece of this you can see..i have the photo in a plastic baggie..don't want to get paint all over it!!..I have a bit of orange as an underpainting..not that much..this is just a beginning..important to start with the darks..the background in the finished piece will be higher than the reference i'll just make stuff up as I go will be important in this to have the background a bit quiet so the main features ( the kids themselves) take center stage...more to come...

Sunday, September 20, 2015

stil working...

so I was able to spend several hours on this where near finished..although it may look so much better than the last post, you may think so...I still need to do a lot of tweaking..i need to let the water dry a bit so I can come back in..hard to do that wet in wet..values need to be tended to..if you can tell..the little girl's dress is too dark on just can't see these things while you're in the thick of a photo always helps..lots more to do..stay tuned!...

Saturday, September 19, 2015

A good start... this is the first painting in a two or three piece commission (depending..)...above is the reference photo....first of all, i needed to close the space between the two girls to fit the size of the can see I have an orange under-painting here and there..I like to do that to let a bit of the orange show through to give some harmony to the piece...I've just begun to put in the skin tones..mostly the shadowed part..tomorrow I hope to get a bit further...stay tuned...

Saturday, September 12, 2015

SOLD..."Green Pail"

18x18 oil on canvas
This is another in the group of paintings sold this past week at White key Gallery in Valparaiso, Indiana..i couldn't be more thrilled!..

Thursday, September 10, 2015


18x18 oil on canvas
This is another piece that has found a good home..thank you again to The White Key Gallery in Valparaiso. Indiana!!...we got back to the golf course today..we both had such a bad first nine we went for most improved on the back...Davey improved nine!!!..i only improved six!!..but i think I found a few things and can't wait for tomorrow!!..some painting in the morning and then golf with cj and craig at noon!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

SOLD... "Hydrangeas"

40x30 oil on gallery wrap canvas
I am so thrilled to announce that my painting "Hydrangeas" has gone to a new home..(along with three other paintings..but more on that later)...I am so happy and proud to be affiliated with the up-and-coming gallery in Valparaiso, Indiana...the White Key Gallery...we drove up today for a long weekend of golf and painting and colts watching...I will be delivering some new pieces..and if you're in the area, be sure and stop in...they represent artists from many genre..wood, glass, oil, pastel, watercolor, you might even get to play their grand piano!!!

Monday, September 7, 2015

"Sassy and Bugs"

16x16 oil on gallery wrapped canvas
so I am finally back in the studio!..we have been under the weather this past two weeks so I haven't had much energy to paint!..did a bit of organization up there but nothing very productive!...this is for my friend susan...not sure it's totally done but I had a great time working on it...I have decided I REALLY love to paint dogs!!!!!..I will revisit it tomorrow for some minor tweaking..then on to the cottage on Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

heading to the White Key Gallery...

so we are heading to the lake..Valparaiso has a new gallery..the White Key and I am taking these two florals...I have five pieces already hanging and these will be part of their floral-themed show with an opening this Thursday from 6 to 9...

Friday, August 14, 2015

delivered two pieces today...

I can't believe it but I didn't take photos of either of these finished paintings!! friend brian lost his kitty..aslan..and we dropped that off at the republic...and I delivered Shelby to my friend linda this time I am going to be more diligent..meanwhile i'm working on two new large pieces for Harrison lake and will post those in the next few days...

Monday, August 10, 2015

for my friend brian...

6x6 oil on board
so I read on facebook that my friend brian lost his kitty today...always so sad to lose a family member..i thought i would paint him a little remembrance...

Thursday, August 6, 2015

back to my studio...

oil on gallery wrap canvas
so this is an image I've wanted to paint for a long time..i started this last week and finally had a chance to get back to my studio today...we were supposed to play a south central tournament at the iu course in Bloomington and for once, someone had the good sense to cancel!!..rained all day and we absolutely could not have played golf in this!!...sooooo...I did a bit of catch-up around here and then spent several hours in my hog heaven..i think this is done..i may tweak it a bit tomorrow but i'm liking how it's coming along....oh..this is antique clubs and balls...

Saturday, August 1, 2015

White Key Gallery

Oops..didnt mean to post this picture..but i AM getting reasdy to paint this..we're here in valpo..golfing and painting..i dropped off five poeces to my new gallery here..White Key Gallery..wonderful owners, Ed and Sue Spelde....really seemed to like my work and im thrilled to be represented by them!...we played valpo c.c. The last two days..davey finally broke 80 so much...but i am truly a work in progress and we shall see what today brings...

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


So its been a while...this summer has been so, paris, new hampshire, cape cod...I have traveled more in my seventieth year..( or is this my seventy first?)...than ever before..and I've absolutely loved every minute of it!...and then..throw in trips to the lake and golf very much fun!!.. i am thrilled to be represented by White Key Gallery in valparaiso...our cottage is here..I've been coming here virtually all of my life..and it just seems right to have a gallery connection here.  I will deliver six pieces this of them my favorite poppy painting...more to follow.. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

On the cape...

So we are gathered here on cape cod...our friend susie invited six of us...katie, patsy, carol, mary, kathy and me to come celebrate our collective seventieth birthdays together...and what a great idea!!!..we all arrived wednesday from various parts of the that was a travel day...yesterday we talked and shopped and laughed and cried and danced and ate and of the same PLUS whale watching!!!...wonderful food and such gracious and generous hosts!! i stopped in a wonderful gallery today..introduced myself...made a new friend perhaps...speaking of new friends  we met some lovely gals on the boat..pat and janice...celebrating their retirement...of course nobody celebrated more than the birthday girls!!! the whales were amazing!!!....home to a fabulous dinner and learned more about don, our host...a really amazing man.....tomorrow we start again..stories, laughs, cries, maybe some beach time..maybe the vineyard..but the wind may be too harsh..we'll i knew i would miss my husband...but I never dreamed how much..

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


 so here we go's very hard to see this since the surface is a round bottle..but I had a great time trying to get her organized..i put several quotes from Marilyn on the back..she was a beautiful and tragic figure..and she will be going to artsplash on Friday for the wine festival!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

happy birthday marilyn...

so this is strange..and this is a work in progress...I am trying to paint Marilyn Monroe on a very large wine's for the wine extravaganza in carmel next weekend..this turned out a lot harder than I thought it would be..and i'm certainly not finished..but since I found out that Marilyn and I share a birthday, I decided to post it honor of her...she was really a very cool soul..she started ella fitzgerald's career by offering to sit in the front table if the owner of a certain establishment would sign her..and she kept her word and the press followed her and the rest is history...I happen to love ella!!..and also Marilyn...I am having the best birthday..starting with our trip to London and paris..then on to new Hampshire..and today..i can't tell you how many wonderful good wishes I have received!!!..boggles me for sure!!!!  and I promise this bottle will get better with age....just like me!!!!

Friday, July 3, 2015

A good day..

So we came up to the lake for the fourth..seems like we're never home!..I'm working on finishing a few paintings and almost finished with a wedding gift that's long overdue...we've installed two new ac units, gotten the place sort of ready for the family reunion tomorrow..already hearing fireworks so we need to get the girls suited up in their thunder shirts... I spoke with a gallery today...the white key gallery on lincolnway. Here in valpo...lovely place and a very nice owner who is also a thinking we may be a fit but stay tuned...

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Finally got out on this beautiful lake...

WOW!!!!!...we just had the most fun!!!..the day started with room service..davey had lobster eggs benny..i had the sensible egg white frittata...(lot of good that did the moment we're chilling on our balcony with beer, wine and cheetos!!..i swear!!!)...then we ventured out to see the sights..this is such a small and condensed area..this mill falls in Meredith...maybe four hotels..all created in 2003...we wanted to see the falls close we were on the way and happened upon a shop i just needed to check out...davey ended up buying me more birthday prezzies...lovin this seventieth stuff.....whilst there we heard the group had garnered a pontoon for a noon boatride..and off we went..very last minute but so much fun!!!!!..cap'n ben escorted us out to governor's island and around and back...we may have been traveling upwards of 200mph..( i might be exaggerating..)..but it was great fun and so glad we did it!..we are heading to the whirlpool and then a nap and then on to the wedding...there is weather moving in tonight...these guys have really dodged a bullet because it is gorgeous!!!

Friday, June 26, 2015 hampshire AND vermont!!!

So today we set off to see mike and judy's old stomping grounds..dartmouth college..he did a year of residency there and seemed to be happy to be back..we were in the vicinity so we planned to meet folks in the quechee gorge area..(above photo is the gorge...i had to be very careful because of my dizzy-ness...but what a beautiful we learned that two days ago a gal need to go into the gorey deets..)..thinking about it..the railing isn't that high...if you were determined to do yourself in...??...anyway..the first pic is from the glass blowing complex/shop/ simon was recommended to us by a sweet lady who summers in new hampshire we met in the airport in baltimore...had a wonderful lunch there with friends...and the glass blowers were hard at work in the basement...they work 363 days a year, nine to five with two ten minute breaks and a half hour unpaid lunch...they seemed to be very happy so I'm assuming they are paid handsomely for their talents...and they certainly had talents!!!!....but we are tired from so much road travel..driving or not wears you OUT!!!!...we are ensconced in a new with a balcony...just next door from where we were yesterday..(we had noticed that ours was the only room on that side without one..)later i will post the view..chilling at the moment..heading to the whirlpool with a cocktail in hand..tonight is the welcoming reception...tomorrow we may take a boat ride before the wedding..stay tuned...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Here we are!

So we arived in meredith yesterday...flew through baltimore and landed in manchester..this is a glorious part of the country!..and lake winnepausakee is unbelievable!!..HUGE!!..we are staying on Meredith bay..a very small fingerling of the lake..this is davey and judy sitting outside judy's hotel..such a view!..and we are taveling now..have been in the car for over an hour..davey's navigationally challenged...mike couldn't follow directions because nobody GAVE him directions!!..thank heavens we didnt drive from indiana!!..anyway..we are headed to the coast..we'll be in maine then...tomorrow we plan to visit dartmouth and have lunch at keechee gorge at simon pearce..a glass blower..stay tuned!

Saturday, June 20, 2015


oil on canvas panel
so this is another in my "grand" project..there's a bit of a glare..but my friend carole has been waiting for this painting for a good long just gets in the way sometimes..but we've had lots of time with no golf and i was able to catch up a bit..we DID golf yesterday..played VCC..and played the front nine twice..davey was most improved but I was a very close second!! fact, I was burning up the course for the first half..i was one over after five holes...then the wheels came off..bad course management had something to do with it, I have to admit...but i am very excited to get out there again today..we are slowly packing up and getting organized so we can blow out of here really early tomorrow..i hear it's still raining at home so I guess this has been the place to BE!!!!...

Thursday, June 18, 2015

"Wine and Pears"...14x11 oil on canvas panel

14x11 oil on canvas panel
so I am truly struggling with this computer!!..i may have a bug..very slow...but i did get some painting accomplished in the last couple days..gearing up towards the wine shindig in carmel in july..we actually were able to hit balls today..and we also actually signed up for a temporary membership at the valpo country club!! we just have to be sure we can play 20 rounds before it snows..we can bring if you are planning to come to the lake...(and you know who you are)...plan on playing the vcc!!!..time to go..gotta watch tiger and Jordan...and I may be able to do one more painting tomorrow..i'm working on a commission..needs some tweaking...and i have two more wine pieces to I am not a slacker.......

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


oil on canvas panel
so we decided to come to the lake a day early. since we share this place with the other side of the family, we get to come up every other week or so...painting and what I it looks like it may be just painting...valpo is almost under water..there was standing water all the way up here..sometimes nearly impassable...and they've had so much rain up here the country club course is closed..probably most of the other courses as well..i'm fine with it..i did this painting of lyda..this is for a friend who bought my donation to the kids' commons last year..she looks like a keeper, doesn't she??.. i also did a wine-themed painting which i'm still tweaking..i have a wedding present to do and another kids commons project and then if I have time, more wine stuff..there is to be a big wine event in the carmel arts district in july and i'm gearing up for that..i have to paint a VERY large wine bottle..probably two feet high..not sure what it's called..but that's another thing on my plate..yikes!!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

"Blue Crabs"

30x30 oil on gallery wrap canvas
so I've sold a few grateful..and I did this over the weekend for Simon's on st. simon's island..they wanted a BIG crab painting..and here it is!! we head to the lake in a few days and I have lots of odds and ends to finish up..a wedding gift, a grand painting, a doggie painting that was purchased from the kids commons fund raiser..another from the same fundraiser..don't know if i'll get them all done but i can get a good start..we'll be alone..just painting and i am very excited!!