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Monday, August 26, 2013

framed gleaners donation "A Glass of Red"

13x10 oil on panel
so here's my completed donation for the gleaners big gala. the photo is a bit glarey and crooked but you get the idea.. i need to get this to them by the end of the month so i'm happy to have it off my plate..i'm getting ready to tackle a four painting commission...I've got the first one almost done and I hope to complete them all before the first of September...and the reason why?...leslie byrd saeta has issued a new challenge:  30 paintings in thirty days and I AM IN!!!!!...i'll be posting them here, on facebook and on her blog and I am very excited to have this reason to get back to my studio in earnest!!! stay tuned!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

my good buddies

I am very excited about our family reunion tomorrow...all or almost all the Gregory clan will gather here to swim and sun and eat and drink...and I have to say a special thanks to my good friends at frank Anderson tire...they have always ben there for a pinch or not in a pinch..and today they did a special favor for me which I so appreciate!!..on to the reunion!!!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

gleaners donation

13x10 oil on prepared panel
so here's my painting for gleaners...they thought something wine-related would be good this time so here it is...I planned to get this accomplished at the lake but we ended up coming home hubby was having a terrible time sleeping and then thought he was getting the flu...had a really bad 24-36 hours and i sure didn't want to make it worse with oil paint fumes...but my studio is so far away from him here at home so I was able to get at it...also getting ready for our annual gregory family reunion here this weekend..lots of stuff to catch up on if i want to play a little golf this week...rooting hard for our girls to pull it out against the euros in the solheim cup!!  we just can't seem to make a putt!!!!~

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

At the lake

After Davey worked this morning and I played at timber gate...(three birdies, some pars and bogies, four doubles and a triple...what?????).... He picked me up and we were off.. Both needed to recuperate after my reunion weekend, don't you know!!...we're here and loving every minute... I have some projects to accomplish and I hope to post them as I go along.. I'm doing a painting for gleaners food bank and then I have a big commission to work on... Makes things a lot easier since Davy's still recovering and we won't be golfing...

Monday, August 12, 2013

my fiftieth high school reunion

boy did I have fun!!!!!..I wish I could show pictures here but none of them would make sense...and a lot of them were of a horse named mabel who might make a good subject....we stayed at the oliver inn..a bed and breakfast in south bend, Indiana..a lovely venue for a bunch of us to gather and host old classmates on the lawn..we spent lots of hours out there at all times of the day and night..great fun catching up! - I told many of my old friends about my "grand" project so hopefully some will send photos for me to paint as I go along..meanwhile I have a painting for gleaners I need to accomplish and four paintings due as a commission. we head to the lake Wednesday to rest and I may get some stuff done there!..i am still reveling in the afterglow of a wonderful and nostalgic weekend..thanks to all my old friends!!!