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Friday, August 29, 2014


oil on board
so the Venue, my gallery in Bloomington, wanted a quick boat painting..Bloomington is hosting the annual 4th street art fair saturday and sunday..lots of participants, streets blocked off..the whole I had to get this accomplished and delivered by today!..i managed! i have to turn my attention to my house..left to languish over all these wonderful summer months with so much golf to play...we are hosting our gregory family reunion on the 6th..just around the least 35 souls...lots of food and really praying for good weather...not too hot and not too cold!! never know in September....

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"In the Harbor" SOLD

so this painting is one of the ones I painted outside the Inspire gallery a few weeks ago..since then the gallery has moved up the street..closer to the action..i feel blessed to have it sell and I just delivered a large floral yesterday on our way to the lake..we are getting a little golf in and waiting on mike and judy to arrive tomorrow..then it's off to Chicago for a cubs game, some shopping and a dinner at shaw's ...I absolutely can't wait!!