Wednesday, July 29, 2015


So its been a while...this summer has been so, paris, new hampshire, cape cod...I have traveled more in my seventieth year..( or is this my seventy first?)...than ever before..and I've absolutely loved every minute of it!...and then..throw in trips to the lake and golf very much fun!!.. i am thrilled to be represented by White Key Gallery in valparaiso...our cottage is here..I've been coming here virtually all of my life..and it just seems right to have a gallery connection here.  I will deliver six pieces this of them my favorite poppy painting...more to follow.. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

On the cape...

So we are gathered here on cape cod...our friend susie invited six of us...katie, patsy, carol, mary, kathy and me to come celebrate our collective seventieth birthdays together...and what a great idea!!!..we all arrived wednesday from various parts of the that was a travel day...yesterday we talked and shopped and laughed and cried and danced and ate and of the same PLUS whale watching!!!...wonderful food and such gracious and generous hosts!! i stopped in a wonderful gallery today..introduced myself...made a new friend perhaps...speaking of new friends  we met some lovely gals on the boat..pat and janice...celebrating their retirement...of course nobody celebrated more than the birthday girls!!! the whales were amazing!!!....home to a fabulous dinner and learned more about don, our host...a really amazing man.....tomorrow we start again..stories, laughs, cries, maybe some beach time..maybe the vineyard..but the wind may be too harsh..we'll i knew i would miss my husband...but I never dreamed how much..

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


 so here we go's very hard to see this since the surface is a round bottle..but I had a great time trying to get her organized..i put several quotes from Marilyn on the back..she was a beautiful and tragic figure..and she will be going to artsplash on Friday for the wine festival!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

happy birthday marilyn...

so this is strange..and this is a work in progress...I am trying to paint Marilyn Monroe on a very large wine's for the wine extravaganza in carmel next weekend..this turned out a lot harder than I thought it would be..and i'm certainly not finished..but since I found out that Marilyn and I share a birthday, I decided to post it honor of her...she was really a very cool soul..she started ella fitzgerald's career by offering to sit in the front table if the owner of a certain establishment would sign her..and she kept her word and the press followed her and the rest is history...I happen to love ella!!..and also Marilyn...I am having the best birthday..starting with our trip to London and paris..then on to new Hampshire..and today..i can't tell you how many wonderful good wishes I have received!!!..boggles me for sure!!!!  and I promise this bottle will get better with age....just like me!!!!

Friday, July 3, 2015

A good day..

So we came up to the lake for the fourth..seems like we're never home!..I'm working on finishing a few paintings and almost finished with a wedding gift that's long overdue...we've installed two new ac units, gotten the place sort of ready for the family reunion tomorrow..already hearing fireworks so we need to get the girls suited up in their thunder shirts... I spoke with a gallery today...the white key gallery on lincolnway. Here in valpo...lovely place and a very nice owner who is also a thinking we may be a fit but stay tuned...