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Friday, December 31, 2010

will and lucy...

here is my rendition of will and lucy at the beach...i had to work a bit because for some reason lucy was looking more like my daughter jen than her own self! she's better now! we're welcoming in the new year rather quietly - didn't even stay up to see that ball drop..but then again, we almost never do@! easing into 2011 but i have big plans for getting back to painting on a more regular basis - i've just ordered a couple dvds and books - hope it won't be information overload! happy new year!

happy new year...almost...

we have had quite the time!!!...first the prep...pounding, flattening, rolling up and otherwise preparing chicken breasts...and then the feast.....imagine seven adults, five children and three golden retrievers...all gathered on sunday to celebrate christmas. of course the kids had to open their gifts right off the bat...keeping the dogs at bay as best we could. they had a high old time and then went off to play and wreak havoc on the house...this time the flat screen in the basement was spared!!) the colts game started at 4 so we decided to do our presents at half time and then eat dinner after the game...more time for rummykub for the girls, of it was COLD!!! - and the guys were snuggled on the porch, smoking cigars and drinking beer and scotch and wrapped in hats, coats and blankets..what a hoot! when it came time to start up the deep fryer, the guys realized we hadn't thawed the peanut oil left over from thanksgiving (did i mention it was cold?)...and things were just not working! - water and oil don't mix, after the girls ran out to get more oil and we poured out the old and started over. we sat down (quite late) to our chicken kiev..our christmas dinner tradition...what a wonderful feast with all the trimmings and the dishes and pots and pans that go with. i always use my good china at christmas...hand we wake up monday morning - and after the dogs come in from their morning ablutions in the back yard, we notice ruby's not acting quite right...drinking lots of water and nuzzling me even more than usual. then i smelled her breath. the tell-tale scent of peanut oil with just a hint of kiev told me all i needed to know! - what on earth?...then we found a pan of oil on the ground - part of the first batch that had been poured out and she apparently helped herself! - think about how good a greasy meal is going down and then how bad your tummy can feel later...times twenty five, i'm thinking!!! i won't go into the gorey details but she threw up in the family room - BIG time - and then had continual little grease burps all over the kitchen, where i decided to contain her. then she had huge outside explosions..from both ends...and i finally called the vet. davey had gone off to work of course and i had the whole aftermath of the feast to deal with...a task i usually relish because i take my time and remember all the fun...but with a sick doggie?? - thank heavens she's all right and back to her wild and raucous self, dragging things around...and i'm cutting this short (*short?) because she's at this moment trying to climb up in my chair with me. i'm going to start posting the kids pics. the one above is baby joey - from their christmas card. and as an after thought i 've added some pics of my grands from our thanksgiving gathering...the first is their thoughtful pose and the second their normal's to a happy and healthy 2011!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

been a while..

i have been sick, sick, sick!!! it's been so long since i really caught something and this time the zycam didn't work. i think if i'd gotten up in the middle of the night about 10 days ago to take a dose i might have warded it off ....but i didn't want to wake bad! - but i have managed to get some stuff done - i'm almost finished with my kids' paintings - i don't want to post anything til after sunday and i need to tweak the one of will and lucy - almost done with everything else...and looking forward to gathering!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

party time!!!

heading to the annual couples' christmas party tonight...we've been doing this so long and it's always the best time!! started very small in the 70's and back then the hosts did all the cooking..a very special meal because you only had to do it every five years!..over the years we've added folks and lost folks and along the way we got smart and started to have it...TA DA...catered!!!!! very smart!! but we still dress up and bring gifts and share an evening with wonderful friends at this special time of year!!....i am hoping i can fire up a bit...i really worked hard today - i stretched 5 giclees of my santa - hard on my back and on my hands but it had to be done - i need to get those embellished and into the hands of the new owners soon. getting ready to watch IU play the evil kentucky...wouldn't a miracle be nice???

Sunday, December 5, 2010

now..on to christmas!!

this is where my snow painting was placed for the event. i really love this frame!
...linda and i in front of the fireplace and this gives you an idea of the scale of my santa. the event was lots of fun - they had over 100 people there - got to meet some new people and catch up with old friends...there was a warm tent set up for desserts and drinks and chef gregory's hors d'oeurves were passed throughout the evening. all the creches and my santa were up for silent auction and i think we made a nice amount for the united way, even though the final tally was a bit less than they had hoped. sign of the times, i'm sure. john and susan nash purchased my santa and i hope to go over and see him when he joins their other santas. all in all, it was an exciting time and hopefully a profitable night for the united way. and now...on to christmas!!! - i'm doing some things for my family and so i can't post here until after they open their presents...probably a day or so after christmas when we all gather. if i don't have a chance to do any more posting, i want to wish eveyone a very happy and holy christmas!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

tonight's the night....

this is the first creche that zinnia miller found...the one that started it all....a very small piece but probably valuable in it's distinction of going first.
another of the many creches to be auctioned off tonight. some folks haven't heard of the word creche before...actually i think it's from the russion and it means manger scene so there is much variety in the pieces to be found. each of the decorator's rooms holds three of creches and there will be a silent auction starting at 7:30 tonight. i have my eye on one or two but the bidding may get to be a bit steep...we'll have to see...

this is where my santa hangs. claudia's florabunda helped and i love how they've decorated the mantel - including little peacock feathers - the room is gorgeous - linda has such a good eye - i must mention that connie skyrme is also participating with her painted furniture... anyway - i forgot to take a picture of my winter garden piece as it hangs on the wall but if you're facing the fireplace it's behind and to the left of where you stand, on the wall the faces the street. i'll try and remember to photograph it when i get there. i'm a bit nervous...but it should be fun - and of course i'm hoping the bidding for my santa ALSO gets a bit steep!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

getting close...

18x24 oil on canvas

so here's the irwin house on a snowy day...straight out of my imagination because for one thing, the regular folk are never allowed back there...the gates are usually locked...this place has the most wonderful gardens and folks flock there to get married, take pictures, just browse or whatever...but only during the hours it's been open. now this wonderful old home has been turned into a bed and breakfast and i'm not really sure what the deal is with the garden but the inside is gorgeous...and several decorators are doing up the rooms royally...just in time for santa and christmas and the coming of baby Jesus...there will be creches available friday night at auction along with pieces donated by local artists...(moi included...) this will be fun - i'll try and take pics of the event to post later...the photo above is a bit glarey (and a bit lopsided i fear)but i hope it says "winter"!