Sunday, August 7, 2016

"Butterfly Love"

so it's really been a while since i last posted's not that i haven't been painting..i have..and here is my painting for my friend's 30x40 and she loves it..and i love that about her!!!!

we've had quite a summer so far..back and forth to the lake a few times..rain storms..leaky ceiling..nellie, our golden, starting to have seizures..some good golf..some bad golf..just had to drain the whirlpool and start over..electricity went out a while back for a few hours.. air conditioner went out yesterday..both of our hard drives crashed..independently of one another but still...really????...i lost all my art stuff.. i had saved some photos in the cloud but all my documents, paintings, fodder for paintings..all gone..but with friends sick and dying...a little perspective goes a long way..oops.. just realized the air conditioner is STILL on the fritz! yikers....what next??.....