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Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Winnie the Pooh"

12x12 oil on stretched canvas
so here's winnie - sticking his mitt in the honey jar...i wanted to at least get him to this stage so i could post something before we leave. i'm thinking this will be the last painting i have time to do before we leave for georgia. i'm hoping to post while i'm there but once again i'm at the mercy of finding wifi so who thing - this will be a vacation!! - i may even take a vacation from painting....looking forward to seeing what life brings our way...for sure i'll be back in early may!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

winnie's on the way...

no painting to post but i've started winnie the pooh - what a busy stuff, walk with nels, business calls, and now we're getting ready to go pick up our new odyssey!!!!!!!!! this is also the only chance my hubby has to play golf this week so we're meeting our good friends larry and phyllie for nine!! i absolutely can't wait!! i'm trying to stress upon my husband what a lucky man he is to have made enough money that he grumbles at tax time. i think it's working....

Monday, April 12, 2010

"Pooh's Piglet"

12x12 oil on stretched canvas
so after painting kermit and miss piggy, i thought it might be fun to do the pooh series. this is piglet and i have plans for pooh, eeyore and tigger. we have so many babies and grandbabies in our set of friends that these might make nice welcoming gifts. things are getting complicated around here. we leave for georgia a week from tomorrow and just found out we need a new transmission on our almost 10-year-old honda odyssey. so that means we need a new car! it's also getting gorgeous outside and i'm torn between yard work and golf - so i did a bit of both today - we played the par three, getting the dreaded phone call about the car mid-way through so then yakked about that - then i did a bit of weed-pulling with the lovely frenchies next door. they are the most delightful children - and always want to help when i'm working. i am blessed to have so many spectacular people around me! plus what a wonderful ending to the masters - that shot phil hit out of the woods on 13 was happy for him and his family!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

the masters...#13....

6x6 oil on textured canvas panel
so we're getting to the heart of the masters and i only have a minute to post - phil just birdied to take the lead!! - this is #13 - just a very quick study on a small panel that i'd textured beforehand so this may look a bit weird - no matter - just a study in honor of the day! back to the tv!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

a busy day...

today i spent immersed in art but not painting. i did some drawing, talked to a couple galleries, worked with my production guys and rummaged around for some photos of augusta national.. we went to a practice round there several years ago and i snapped loads of pictures, something they DON'T allow during the regular rounds. i'm planning to do a masters painting tomorrow in honor of the weekend. i do have some news!! - my gallery in carmel called...i sold a painting!!! always so thrilling to know that one of my efforts is appreciated and finds it's way to a good home!! it's such an honor and so humbling!!! now - heading to watch some golf!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

"Italian Art Shop?"

8x6 oil on canvas panel
so here's another painting of a quaint little alleyway in italy. it looks like it may be an art gallery...or maybe a coffee shop that caters to artists? - or...who knows - i just want to BE there!!! played a tennis match in indy today and now i'm heading to put my feet up and watch some masters - maybe i need to do a masters painting this weekend. last year i think i did one of tom watson - this could be a big year for him...i love it that the oldies are doing well!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

"C'est Moi!"

20x16 oil on stretched canvas
here she is!! - i need to let this rest a while to see what needs tweaking but i haven't put a painting up in a few days and wanted to, in basketball terms, "feed the post". like kermit, she was a lot of fun to paint and i need to do a few things to make them more compatible in color - just a matter of adding a bit of each painting's color to the other to make them harmonize a bit. nothing drastic - just a bit. hope we can stay up late enough to watch the dogs! - really rooting for an upset!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy easter...

we had such a good time watching butler advance!!! - now on to the was my first golf outing since november and it's kind of like riding a bike...if you plan on riding and falling off and then getting back on and falling off...i hit maybe 3 or 4 REALLY good shots! - and a bunch of bad chips and 3 putts - but i was so happy to be back out there!!! - i'm working on a new painting...i may post it good friend judy, when she saw my kermit painting, said i needed to paint miss piggy...they were always such an item.....

Friday, April 2, 2010

blast from the past...'Beyond Cows"

this is a pastel painting i did in the very early 90s...i drove my daughter and 3 friends down to our family cottage in florida. they were freshmen in college and it was quite an adventure! - we drove down during the worst gale i think ever to hit the eastern seaboard and we couldn't stop at all on the way down or we would have gotten stuck with the onslaught of snow. i ended up driving most of the way down because the weather was just too bad for these new drivers and when we arrived our cottage was partly under water. we didn't find that out until the day after we arrived because sand key was CLOSED and we had to stay in a hotel the first night. long story short..the girls played cards and went to the tanning booth and i painted! - i did a watercolor of a red cabbage that won a purchase award in the hoosier salon and this pastel painting of cows. it doesn't translate well after all these years but this was a very fun project and filled with lots of memories! i haven't been to my studio lately - tennis match yesterday and spent the whole day with all my grands at the indy zoo today...the WORST place to be on final four weekend, i might add...