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Thursday, February 14, 2013

named it!

Roxie from the philharmonic suggested "an afternooon respite"..and i said yes!
11x14 oil on  prepared panel
so this is more finished...don't know if i overworked it..i rather liked the first one i posted..

2013 philharmonic donation

6x6 framed oil on canvas panel
so i wanted to do something again this year for the philharmonic...they do a big wine event and i can never get my hubby to attend those things so i try and do my part in some small way.  i also donated a pet painting to our local kids commons..couldn't get him to go to that one either!!!..i'll post that later when i actually do it!..don't know what to name this...

Monday, February 4, 2013

on my easel...

this is from a photo at the lake...the kids were a bit younger and a couple photos have at least one golden retriever with them watching the ducks...don't know whether these are ducks or geese...i think ducks..but they love our pier and when we got there this spring...we discovered they had used our pier as a nesting/squatting/pooping/ and then laughing at us when we bought a plastic owl to scare them off place...have more to do on this but i think the golfer is done and i'll post that tomorrow.
still working on this...what a weekend!! - a HUGE hoosier win...the i got several orders for the 18x28 and my first order for a full sized resurrection painting..shipping it to a fellow in arizona! - it's don't think about it but the hoosier nation extends far and wide!!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

on my easle...

with golf in our future...finally...i'm getting into some golf images..i found this neat one and thought i'd give it a go...once again i'm trying to use a limited pallette..just four colors and white...he's wearing a totally white outfit so the challenge will be to get subtle cool colors in the shadows and nice warm colors in the sun-struck parts..this canvas was underpainted with a nice warm color....don't know when i'll have a chance to get back to it...lots to do but i am very anxious to see how he turns out!  go big red!!!!!