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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tre Bicchieri...

here are a couple blasts from the past!.."C'est Moi!" and "My Friend Kermit"...these, along with fourteen other paintings are now on display at Tre Bicchieri, a lovely downtown restaurant in Columbus!!..Elaine, the owner, came to visit while i was at millrace last week and asked me to bring some pieces Tuesday was the day and I am so thrilled to be there!!..i'm not sure if I mentioned that I was asked to do a week-long artist in residence at out local senior center.  I was somewhat apprehensive..worried I was supposed to turned out that I did do a bit of teaching but only in a very casual way..folks would come in, ask questions, one gal sat down and took notes for two hours!!..I saw friends from tennis, golf, neighbors, community leaders...that joint is one happening place!!..I really loved being there all week..even though it did set me back in my every day stuff a i'm working hard to complete a series of small pieces for my gallery in carmel..Inspire gallery, 111 W. Main st...she's having a Christmas show entitled "one hundred under one hundred"...I hope we have lots of Christmas shoppers..i am having a lot of fun trying some new stuff!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

first day at millrace...

so today I started my week-long artist in residence at the millrace senior center here in Columbus..first of all..that place is fantastic!!!..they have so much going many people coming and made it hard to really concentrate on my work..but that's ok..i had a ball and really look forward to the rest of the week!!..this is a tease of a painting i'm not allowed to talk about for a while..i started working on it today down at the center and it's not done ..hope to finish it tomorrow and get going on something else..maybe i'll post another little piece of it then..i can't ruin the surprise!!

Friday, November 7, 2014

tony's night...(the big reveal)

last night our good friend and golf pro, tony clecak, was inducted into the Indiana PGA hall of fame.  a dinner was held at Harrison lake country club and nearly 200 folks came from all over to help him celebrate and to congratulate him on a job and career well done!..several months ago our current pro, keith clark, asked me to consider doing a painting in honor of the occasion.  we settled on this photo but I had to add long pants because for once, tony was wearing shorts..pga pros NEVER wear shorts while they are in the professional realm..he was golfing with some buddies and I got this photo from terry..who told him he wanted to photograph his swing so he could work on it in Scotland..or some such nonsense..anyway..the evening..and (thankfully) the painting were both a success and people took turns signing their good wishes on the back...i'm so glad to have it behind me!! I plan to post a few teases of my next project involving hlcc..stay tuned!!...Monday I start a week-long artist in residence at millrace senior center..hoping for some good opportunites to get some stuff done..

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

last tease..

ok.. so here's my last little tease...the big reveal will be Thursday night!..this has been so much fun...the anticipation..the actual painting..keeping it a secret...I will post the final painting on Friday...I HAVE been painting..i just have been rather lax in my posting..working on some commissions..gearing up for a gig as the "artist in residence" at the millrace center next week..i thought I was just supposed to paint but I think i'm expected to have some finished work on