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Monday, April 12, 2010

"Pooh's Piglet"

12x12 oil on stretched canvas
so after painting kermit and miss piggy, i thought it might be fun to do the pooh series. this is piglet and i have plans for pooh, eeyore and tigger. we have so many babies and grandbabies in our set of friends that these might make nice welcoming gifts. things are getting complicated around here. we leave for georgia a week from tomorrow and just found out we need a new transmission on our almost 10-year-old honda odyssey. so that means we need a new car! it's also getting gorgeous outside and i'm torn between yard work and golf - so i did a bit of both today - we played the par three, getting the dreaded phone call about the car mid-way through so then yakked about that - then i did a bit of weed-pulling with the lovely frenchies next door. they are the most delightful children - and always want to help when i'm working. i am blessed to have so many spectacular people around me! plus what a wonderful ending to the masters - that shot phil hit out of the woods on 13 was happy for him and his family!!

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