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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

road trip..

i've been working on my painting for "bria's ride"...i posted one i did last year around this time - very cool..just the handlebars of a harley at went over very well at the silent auction i heard!! i'm doing one of a rider tearing off into the distance and i was going to post it but after seeing it through the camera's eye, i want to tweak it a bit...maybe tomorrow if i have time.  the ride is the 13th so i still have a bit of time and i may or may not get to it tomorrow.  we head out to visit our good friends tim and katie in michigan tomorrow and we always get together with a bunch of high school buddies..i am so damn lucky to still be so close to these people!! anyway - then on to the cottage to celebrate my brother john's wedding to his fiance karen...should be lots of fun but there will be no chance for painting in the next several days.  meanwhile my knee is on the mend - still limping around but every day brings my mom used to say.."every day, in every way...i'm getting better and better...."

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