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Thursday, December 29, 2011


6x6 oil on canvas panel
so here's my painting of my friend ginny's grand...i took a break after we beat kentucky because i'm working on a great big homage to that day in assembly hall - i finally was able to get back to her and fix her eyes - aren't they gorgeous! her mom is panamanian and i think she's quite exotic-looking!!  but oh - that game last night!  they had us whooping and hollering for a while there but couldn't quite sustain it...and "welcome to the big ten, cody!"...poor guy - he's got some quick catching up to do i'm thinking!!  meanwhile davey had shoulder surgery this morning and, not to be outdone, he also had a rotator cuff tear so they had to cut him open...same thing that happened to me so now we're fighting to see who had the bigger tear...he reminded me that i also had a labrum tear so i guess i win! hoping to get soime painting done during his recuperation because he is not demanding at all...only thing is...i'll be cooking for a while...hmmm..i'm thinking we may actually lose some weight!!!  happy new year!!

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