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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

busy, busy

20x16 oil on stretched canvas 

i have just been too busy in these last few days to get any painting done!! - but busy in a good way! - i'm finally attacking my studio..organizing my reference still life art books...and it is a disaaaaaaster!! - i'm not sure i can keep it up - i may have to get back to the easel before i finish...but then that's always been my problem...i'm in the middle of something and then i see something else that needs to be done - and...whoops - there i go...very tangential and somewhat project-completion challenged!!..i discovered a new antique mall today and got some great stuff - can't wait to put some things together - richard robinson has a still life challenge for this month - and we can do anything we want - i posted my "glass of red" on the site but only because i had already done it...i'm planning to do a proper challenge painting in the next week or two!...meanwhile...i think i forgot to post this painting of my grandson joe - it's hanging at the carmel midland and it's called "Hangin' out at the Beach"

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