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Thursday, November 22, 2012

great white way

so we just got back from watching the hoosiers play two games in brooklyn - the new barclays center is truly amazing!! great big and gorgeous! lt's full of good-looking food although we didn't eat there..however, we did have a couple of very expensive scotches!  we sat right beneath fish doing his radio thing and had some harrowing moments as the hoosiers had to go into overtime to pull out the championship! - great fun!  we taxied into manhatten sunday night for an overpriced meal at gallaghers..we needed to see it for the ambience and history...but then never ventured out of brooklyn again! - we had some wonderful walks and even better food! italian at Mulina, israeli at Miriam, authentic mexican at Rachael's, some great pastrami and beer at Bierkraft...i took lots and lots of pix...some cute little to the airport plenty early yesterday, only to sit in a sweltering waiting area! - we did meet some nice folks..john and sharon martin do the marketing for the IU alumni magazine...and joe eke is one of the only photographers allowed to photograph the hoosiers..he's actually in the painting i did of christian's shot against kentucky! - small world!  and now it's on to thanksgiving!  thank heavens we're having ours on saturday to give me a bit of breathing room! - today is full of catching up around here - i finally cleaned all the art stuff off my dining room table so we can have a nice, normal-type thanksgiving feast...the only question remaining is whether our five grands want to have their own table or to sit with the never know with this group!!..

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