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Monday, December 3, 2012

"Sleepy Golden"

8x8 original oil on gallery wrap canvas
so i finally got back to my decorating...all done!!! - but oh we struggled with the lights on the tree - we have these big  lights that give the tree an old-fashioned look and we love them but they were constantly blowing a fuse!! - very frustrating!! - so finally, with a little help from a couple of grands, i took all the lights off and started OVER! - split them up and only had two strands on a socket and that was the ticket...yeah....with the early thanksgiving, that started the holiday season off and i don't think i've ever had my christmas decorating done so early!!! now i can concentrate on paintings i need to get done...several things for my gallery in bloomington, some commissions, and just some things for fun...i've gone to the dogs!~ - more tomorrow!!

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