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Monday, October 27, 2014

i'm so excited!!! and another tease.....

so this is a bit blurry, it turns out...but another little smidgeon of the project I've been working on...all will be revealed..(the big reveal)..on November stay tuned!.. on another note..i received three BIG boxes of canvas today..OVER sized canvas..all stretched linen...I am so excited..i am planning to do some BIG pieces!!!...i'm thinking i'll do half Georgia-oriented and half Indiana-oriented..maybe...but I have a lot to look forward to!..and nice because the weather is just about to turn semi-ugly!!..gorgeous day today..played seven holes..didn't keep score..lost a couple balls in the leaves...(WE HATE THE LEAVES!!!!) golf season, as mikey says, is (almost) over!

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