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Friday, July 17, 2015

On the cape...

So we are gathered here on cape cod...our friend susie invited six of us...katie, patsy, carol, mary, kathy and me to come celebrate our collective seventieth birthdays together...and what a great idea!!!..we all arrived wednesday from various parts of the that was a travel day...yesterday we talked and shopped and laughed and cried and danced and ate and of the same PLUS whale watching!!!...wonderful food and such gracious and generous hosts!! i stopped in a wonderful gallery today..introduced myself...made a new friend perhaps...speaking of new friends  we met some lovely gals on the boat..pat and janice...celebrating their retirement...of course nobody celebrated more than the birthday girls!!! the whales were amazing!!!....home to a fabulous dinner and learned more about don, our host...a really amazing man.....tomorrow we start again..stories, laughs, cries, maybe some beach time..maybe the vineyard..but the wind may be too harsh..we'll i knew i would miss my husband...but I never dreamed how much..

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