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Saturday, August 1, 2015

White Key Gallery

Oops..didnt mean to post this picture..but i AM getting reasdy to paint this..we're here in valpo..golfing and painting..i dropped off five poeces to my new gallery here..White Key Gallery..wonderful owners, Ed and Sue Spelde....really seemed to like my work and im thrilled to be represented by them!...we played valpo c.c. The last two days..davey finally broke 80 so much...but i am truly a work in progress and we shall see what today brings...


  1. Eager to see painting when done. You mentioned that you would like to paint mine. Well I have a sun cat just like this one but with a dark green hull. 😀

  2. let's do it!!..I think i'm done with the painting but haven't posted it yet..