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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

WHEW!!!.... SUCH A DAY!!!!

6x6 oil on panel here i sit with a bag of peas on the bridge of my nose...really hard to see what i'm typing by the way...earlier today this same bag was on my right elbow, where I had yet another cortisone shot for my tennis/golf elbow!...I am so happy to announce that I had this painting accepted into the randy higbee 6x6 show..opening December 5 in costa mesa, California!!..thrilled beyond words!! i'm also working on a commission for my good friend phyllie..she came by today and seems to love it..i was working on some other stuff in my studio and was cleaning up and trying to clean off a palette knife..and SLASHED my left index finger!!..(never realized they were so freaking sharp!!!)....poor Davey..he has worked above and beyond on me today..he had to glue my gash together..I've had it in a bag so it wouldn't get wet when I washed my hair and showered...holding it over my head most of the evening...but back to the peas...after dinner I was reaching for something under the sink in the bathroom and it suddenly gave way, crashing my nose into the granite!!..I ran screaming to my hubby of course..."NOW Look!!!"...and he suggested the peas...i'm heading to indy for a special outing with my girlfriends.."how to have a stress-free Christmas"...hell..i need to learn how to have a stress-free Thursday...or maybe Friday...I will be traveling with a bad right elbow, a bad left index finger and possibly a very large nose...time will tell! least I got a painting into the higbee show!!!!!

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