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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I just have to share this...

Ok...i have no photo of this...thank the good lord!!! on my ipad and not my computer so i dont know how to post any i did a fantastic two day workshop last week with Nancy franke on st. started a bit scary since i thought my box of supplies i sent down early had been stolen...turns out i was trying to pick them up at the wrong house!! friend becky lives in a Grey house..NOT a Blue house...never was blue ...apparently...anyway..intensive two days and loved every minute of it!!..more later about that when i can fgure out how to post photos...Anyway..davey met me in ft. Myers on saturday and we drove down to marco island..explored sunday and then played golf yesterday at the here's how we do it on vacation...if we're playing a new course and we're unfamiliar with the layout..if we land in a hazard we didn't know was there..we just lay out and dont take a stroke..we're on vaca, after all.....ok.. So my day started with a great drive that barely missed a trap so i was looking good...til i got up there and found a hazard past the trap...i retrieved my ball...actually birdied the hole...sort of a minorly cheating birdie...and was actually even par after i was looking good...then i lost my swing..kept flipping..early golfers know what i'm talking after four horrible holes where i lost three or four balls in the water...and i was ready to quit...davey worked with me a bit.. I finally hit a really good drive..barely missing these traps just as the hole dog legged to the right!!..right? i went to where my ball should have been..and MORE water!!!!...  But ..aha.. I think i see my ball on these rocks and i was really tired of losing i stepped down..trying to retrieve the ball.. The rocks are very strange down here..very slippery...and they gave way..(never would have happened in indiana)...and i did a slow, thrashing tumble into the pond..lake..whatever the hell it was...davey said.." I was so worried when i first saw it..i thought i'd have to go in after you..or you would fall in really deep water and panic..or maybe one of the hundreds of gators would show up...then i realized you were just dumb and  all i could do was laugh and wished I had my camera!!!!"....everything but my left shoulder and high left hip was totally submerged...scraped my right  leg and arm...and of course that was the ninth hole and i had another nine to play!!!!... We howled..if i'm not falling off my bike, the lid of the whirlpool is falling on my head...or im tripping and falling in a lake.. I told davey.."One of these days im going to do something serious!"...meanwhile...we had a fun day today with two fellows who rent here for the winter...and another day of golf tomorrow before we head is indeed good!

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