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Friday, June 10, 2016

i am so excited!!!!

ok.. so here's what happened today...first of all.. this is one of the paintings ready to go in the summer sale at the white key's 40x30 and I absolutely loved painting it!! we played valpo CC..and remembered how hard it is to putt here!!.. you NEVER...I mean NEVER want to be above the hole...we felt like we were at augusta national!!...PLUS  my range finder finally bit the dust!.. it has a nine volt battery and one of the terminals came loose.. for the second time...we took it to a jeweler and he managed to fix it.. but it broke again today.. I must be extra clumsy!.. so when we got back to the cottage. I got on the web and contacted the bushnell customer service folks..just to see where to go next.  my new friend, john, was great.. he's going to fix me up!! and I couldn't be happier..there are good folks in the world and every now and then..something happens to reaffirm that fact!!!..

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