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Sunday, May 7, 2017

been a while..."Red Kickers"

12x12 oil on gallery wrap

ok.. so here's just part of what i've been doing...this painting.. along with one of my wine bottle/wineglass paintings has been donated to "Wine, Women and Shoes"..a gala being held may 12 to benefit Gleaners..a cause i've given to for years..second.. i've been taking an online class with dennis perrin.. who specializes in values..(lights and darks)..and has a unique way of working that i am trying to incorporate into my work..i'll post some of that a bit later.. also.. a few weeks ago i was approached by a fellow named adam ziemba who wanted to do an interview with me for his was all about "expert advice on how to purchase art"..and although i certainly don't for one second think i'm an expert.. on anything!!!....i was happy to share some thoughts with him.. so the article went "live" today and i wanted to share the ...AND we brought home our new golden retriever puppy "waveland ivy sheffield elizabeth gregory girl"...(wavey) will never be the same!!!!  but in a good way!!

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