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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"Brooklyn"...(also for Alex!)

8x6 oil on panel

so i know it's been a really long time between posts..and this one is just so Alex knows i haven't passed away!!😊.. we have a new puppy..i may have mentioned it earlier..."Waveland Ivy Sheffield Elizabeth...wavey" for short.. and boy has she changed things around here!!.. she's turning 5 months in a week and is one rowdy and rambunctious little girl!!..we have chew toys all over the house and yet she seems to enjoy chewing up paper and kleenex more than anything..(think: "the dog ate my homework!")..we ride in the hot rod every day to the airport..with the top down.. and it's all i can do to hold her down and keep her from leaping this image is NOT wavey.. this is a painting for my friend Doug of his Brooklyn.. now gone to puppy heaven..since it's summer..i don't have that much time to paint..too much golf...and puppy...but i did do several paintings for my new gallery/shop in valpo..all birds nests and feathers.. i'll post some of them..i'm a bit behind in wedding gifts but the fall will come and wavey will grow up and i can get back at it!!!...thanks for not giving up on me!!

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