Friday, March 13, 2020

back to work...with "Bacon"

original oil on panel

so i'm finally back to my studio!.. i've been gone for the last two weeks....wrapping up the paintings for Roving Indiana..cataloging, framing..then the crawl itself...i met some lovely people, visited some charming yarn shops, a weaving shop, sold lots of note cards and bookmarks and even a few originals...AND bought a great felted hat!!.. along the way i met a new friend who'd lost a beloved member of her family.."Bacon"..and, as is my wont, i needed to paint him for her. it was nice for Sandi but really nice for me to be able to re-enter with this!.. i have some serious large painting commissions coming up and this was a great way to get my painting muscles toned up a bit!!  i have one more small piece to post and then it's work, work, work!!..but i don't think i can post much here because there is much secrecy involved!!... i love me some intrigue!!!! so stay tuned!!

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