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Sunday, March 21, 2010

finally done!

no painting to post today - but i had a very good day nevertheless! finally finished the yard work - prep for may when we can plant here in indiana...i didn't have my grands with me today but i had a few of the "frenchies" lend a hand. we have the most delightful french family who moved in next door to us several years ago. (tillie affectionately dubbed them "the Frenchies")...they are such delightful children and are always eager to help so we toiled away - they attacked the gumballs - more are constantly dropping from our beloved sweet gum...another sweet thing happened...i got a call from an old friend - who told me she had met someone who lived on our strret in indy nearly 40 years ago!! so i gave this woman a call and we chatted on and on about the old days and our kids who used to play together as pups. it's so much fun to have serendipitous things like that happen! - what a small world! - so here i the end of the day...very tired and not wanting to spend one more minute on my feet - i'm heading to the tub and then to put my feet up and read this wonderful book i'm in to.. i promise to get back to my studio's calling me loudly...i can tell it's lonely for me...

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