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Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Sultry"...(Lady in a Hat) renamed "Missed Opportunity" SOLD

22x28 oil on stretched canvas (SOLD)
so here's my husband, who's agonized with me over this for the past several days, has named her "sultry". i love this painting!! - this is a very large painting and i love it!.... it's so different from anything i've ever done that i'm completely exhilarated and psyched about painting again!!!....ok - so i see something i need to fix - when you work this large things are all so magnified - and she's looking at an angle instead of straight on so that makes a difference as well -over the past several days - i would think i was done and then i would photograph her and see something that wasn't right -i'm almost there!!! but i have one little thing to attend to - and then.... i may or may not post again with the additions - but i wanted to at least get her out there!!!

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