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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

i have not fallen off the face of the earth...... just feels like it sometimes!!!!  actually  i have been doing lots of painting...but..alas.. not in my my bedroom!!!..since i was finaly allowed to update my bathroom...that led to a double coat of paint on all the woodwork, doors and windows in my bathroom, bedroom and study..all adjoining.  i am completely done with EVERYTHING  except the one wall of built-in bookshelves...and i can't decide if i want to  paint the whole thing or just the fronts of everything, since the original color is an off-white and the new color is white may be kind of fun to have a bit of contrast  and i'm not sure i can take much more of this!!  i NEED to get back to my studio!!!...on another note, i did paint some champagne glasses as a gift from our group for a young couple getting married in the fall...we had a couples' shower for them this past weekend which ended up to be a lovely event.  and on yet another note, our group..(cindy, judy, sally and i) had the most magnificent time playing in our member/guest tournament today!!!....  the weather was spectacular...the food was wonderful...and we fricked and fracked our way to a win at two over par 74!!  we actually shot a 34 on the front with three natural birdies..and a bogie...(BOO!)..but we got a bit full of ourselves or we may have actually been able to close it out at even par...the golf gods gave us a serious slap of humility, as we limped in, bogying two of the last three we were tired and do the pros do it for 4 straight days???  what fun though!! - and life is not just about's also about golf with your friends!!  who's with me?????

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