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Thursday, June 9, 2011

home from georgia...

so we're finally home...and what a great time we had!! papper took us all on a shrimp trawler cruise...they showed us how they lower the nets and trawl the bottom for shrimp...and whatever else!!!  each time they brought up the net and splashed the contents all over this table, there were at least 3 or 4 sharks, along with a billion other things...all of which my grandchildren actually held in their hot little hands!!  very proud of themselves and very dirty and smelly at the end of the day!!..but so was I!!!!...we learned how to dehead shrimp with just our thumb and forfinger and tils, ols and i really got the hang of it.  shrimp are scarse down south at the moment but we cought enough to each have a good heaping plateful which they had cooked up for us.  what fun!!!  of course we had to sit outside at dinner that night and hope the wind was blowing in the right direction!!  and i'll be throwing those clothes away

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