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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a georgia sea turtle

Georgia Sea Turtle #3
8x10 oil on stretched canvas
one of my galleries on st simons' island is holding a fund raiser.  i'm going to send down two sea turtle paintings and part of any sales will go to the humane society.  as i've mentioned, the sea turtle is revered on the island and i hope he'll bring some bucks for the cause!  i'll post the other one tomorrow! - half time of the IU-nebraska game - nervous...


  1. Awesome painting of georgia sea turtle.Good use of colors.Thanks..

  2. Lucky me happened to find your blog this morning and very much enjoy it. What a body of work! I still love the dog in the snow painting that was at Crackaway Farm for awhile.

    1. hi julia - i missed this!! - i'm not used to people commenting on the blog...i wish it would happen more!!! are you in florida? i am painting more than i ever have and really enjoying it!! stay tuned!