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Saturday, January 14, 2012

"The Legend"

oil on stretched canvas

he was a good player, a great coach and now a fantastic espn color man and radio talk show host for the here's my homage to the growing legend that is Dan was was was the sweet was north carolina...and it was the other legend...michael jordan!!!  we were in florida with our kids on spring break, listening to the game on the radio. we were not a bit surprised at his performance.  he was a very good defender.. kind of like dane fife would be in years to i fudged this image a little bit - i put him a little closer to jordan than he actually was...just for fun...and if he'd played him this closely, he probably wouldn't have been as successful in "eating his lunch"  as people called it.  jordan may have blown by him... but he played off him a little the rest is history...

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