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Saturday, June 23, 2012

glorious morning!!

day has dawned....and it's going to be glorious!!!  lots of blue sky and no rain!!! - we have our golf stuff strewn all over our room - even our cash was sodden - there's a nice round circular fan thing sitting on the floor and now we know what it's for:  you can put all your gloves, etc over it and hold them there with a glass or a sleeve of balls and they can eventually dry...davey's wallet is hanging there as we speak...we plan  to head to the driving range today - we figured if we did it yesterday, we'd get so wet we'd give up the round of golf! we've enjoyed the food tremendously! and we found a nice little cigar bar where we head before and after dinner.  alex, the bartender is so knowledgeable about the area and the resort.  he told us about a place 30 miles away..port orford...the farthest western point of the united states.  we need to go to there!!! we're thinking maybe a little brunch and photo op tomorrow morning before we golf.  today we do the old macdonald course...a bit longer than ours at home so it may be a struggle...but a piece of cake compared with yesterday!!  i must say the sauna and whirlpool helped immensely!!!  ....stay tuned!!!

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