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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

heading out

yesterday was BIG!!!!!  davey's last day in the ER...he's finally graduated!!!!!!..i had already planned to play in sally's guest day so i wasn't here when he got home....  had a minor meltdown before golf...but pulled myself together and did all right - we didn't win but we played with some lovely gals and enjoyed lunch was a two man best ball out of the foursome and we each bought 2 mulligans - i used one on a putt and one on a drive - hit one ball in the water - shot an 86 - but not really a true score! - packing up our clubs and heading out tomorrow.  they tell us we shouldn't even keep score at bandon - it will distract from the scenery - i'm taking my computer and plan to post some of the pics..i'm taking my watercolors and maybe i'll paint and maybe i won't but i sure hope i can!!!

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