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Friday, September 7, 2012

joe..our youngest grand...

14x11 original oil on canvas panel
so here's joe...i thought i'd offer this painting to his other grandparents for their recent anniversary..i kind of like it!! it's a lot bigger than my usual "grand" paintings but something got into me and i had to do it!  we're at the lake..licking our wounds and storing up energy for davey's surgery in four days...we did play a round of golf yesterday at the city course - it was very crowded and we ended up playing with two brothers - we had no idea whether we could even play nine holes but they were very nice fellows - who put up with our golf..davey hitting mostly one-handed and my very erratic play...all of a sudden i'd wing one into the weeds...can't explain it..they say that "golf is an easy game that's hard to play"...and they must have my picture under that dictionary me "poster child"....

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