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Monday, August 12, 2013

my fiftieth high school reunion

boy did I have fun!!!!!..I wish I could show pictures here but none of them would make sense...and a lot of them were of a horse named mabel who might make a good subject....we stayed at the oliver inn..a bed and breakfast in south bend, Indiana..a lovely venue for a bunch of us to gather and host old classmates on the lawn..we spent lots of hours out there at all times of the day and night..great fun catching up! - I told many of my old friends about my "grand" project so hopefully some will send photos for me to paint as I go along..meanwhile I have a painting for gleaners I need to accomplish and four paintings due as a commission. we head to the lake Wednesday to rest and I may get some stuff done there!..i am still reveling in the afterglow of a wonderful and nostalgic weekend..thanks to all my old friends!!!

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