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Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Daisy" day 8..30 in 30...

10 x 8 oil on stretched canvas
so this is daisy...she is one of the ménage of dogs and cats at my daughter jen's house..she happens to belong to matilda, my first-born grand daughter who will be turning 11 on gawd...where on earth has the time gone??????....this is not the best photo..i took it upstairs on my easel...trying to finish it so I can present it to her on her birthday!...maybe a bit more tweaking but I wanted to post something after taking a few days off..last week was a beast...starting with jimmy's surgery on Thursday a week ago, we/i have been on the road almost every day!..went to a follow up for davey on friday..then to a smokey robinson concert in carmel on Saturday..then on to the cottage for a family celebration on sunday..home on Tuesday, wednesday, thursday and Friday..two of them travel days...i was for sure "on tour" last week...lots of fun but not a lot of time to paint!!...lovely dinner friday night in indy with dear friends and then laid low yesterday and had family over today for the colts game...who has time to paint anyway??????...(promise to do better...)

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