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Thursday, January 2, 2014

day two.."Red Apple"

6x6 oil on panel
this is day two..i actually painted this yesterday afternoon but my photo shop is still on the here it is in my very dirty panel holder...these always look so much better when they're cropped so all you see is the image!..rats!!..we are expecting a blizzard in the next few days..woke up to 5-7 inches and it's been mostly snowing all day..they're predicting "Hercules"..(even named it?!) to hit Saturday night and continue through sunday..we may not make it over to the iu game on Saturday..playing everything by ear...meanwhile..i have plenty to do to keep myself occupied..since I have that studio upstairs I am one lucky little gull..(as my aussie son-in-law would say..)..i did two more small ones this afternoon...want to get a bit ahead in case we go over Saturday..happy new year!!!

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