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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

sneaking up

so I'm sneaking up on this...photographed in my studio so there's a glare...but I also see some things I need to work on...this is so much fun...we're talking about maybe doing a little five painting since i'll be in Bloomington...maybe I haven't mentioned but I am going to be one busy little gull (jimmy- speak, my aussie son-in-law)...first of all, I was asked to do a one woman show at the southern Indiana center for the arts..(started and funded by john mellencamp and housing many of his works..many just prints) this will be for the month of march..with an opening right before the big ten tournament...we may not even CARE about the big ten tournament when the time rolls gallery in Bloomington, the Venue, asked me to be their feature artist for the first Friday gallery walk on February 7th...and they want all originals and some large i'm's a fun busy...but now our house seems to be coming apart at the seams..yes the house is 45 years old..but I was talking to a client in boston today who lives in a brownstone from way, way back...all of a sudden, the gas fireplace in the kitchen is shot..the ice maker is shot..we have no hot maybe the water heater is shot..we have no cold water in the kitchen so maybe the pump is shot...are you seeing a pattern here???...we went out for a whirlpool..(still working) but I closed the fireplace screen extra tight...could you just see the house burning down while we were licking our wounds in the spa???....actually right now this all sounds many people at this very moment would love to have a house falling down around their ears...(i'm remembering the homeless people we saw in new York city in November...) forgive my ramblings....i'm just happy i'm able to do some good with the paintings I donate!...gleaners, for one...and if you haven't heard of gleaners...they do remarkable work...all will be better in the morning....

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