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Monday, April 21, 2014

finally gorgeous outside!!!!

so here's the deal.....after 4 and a half inches of rain over Friday and Saturday and lots of sloppy weather sunday...we FINALLY saw the sun today!!! and blue sky!!!!..and warmth!!!! THIS is the Georgia I remember!!!!! yesterday Davey and I played Jekyll island..pine lakes..sloshed through a chilly, cart-path only round...i think I lost my seven iron somewhere...but these pictures depict a very strange happening!...we walked off one green...saw these four guys over something..we weren't sure what!..looked like they were tending to someone who was injured..with all the supplies laid out near them...turns out they had snagged A SIX FOOT ALLIGATOR!!!...yep!!..I asked if this guy could do some damage and.."yes, he can"..we'd heard earlier that someone had caught an alligator or two and shipped them off the island...but these guys were from the "applied wildlife conservation lab and greg was doing his master's (I think) project...he's the one in the black hat (turned backwards) sitting directly on top of the critter..i think it took all of them to snare and corral him..the alligator, not greg...)..then he was tying this GPS system right in the middle of the gator's shoulder blades...the idea is to track their behavior while in the environs of humans..(I think) that was yesterday...and today we played Frederica...a very exclusive course..i think 12 of the touring pros live there...(we didn't see any)..and on the back nine...a par four severe dog-leg to the right..there on the bank of the water..happily sunning himself was a least...needless to say we gave him a very wide berth...if your tee shot went anywhere near that sucker..we just dropped a little more to the left!!! was a wonderful day...lots of sunshine and warmth on our skin..

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