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Thursday, May 22, 2014

i think i'm done...

so i was finally able to get back to this...had a bit of the flu bug around this weekend but i'm back in business...there's a bit of a glare but I think i'm quite happy with the background color now..much more tending toward pewterish gray..and I've greyed the bird down quite a bit..of course..when i take it to it's new home and if it doesn't quite work..there's always tweakability using oils!! peonies are all of a sudden out in full force so i've got some up in my studio and have started a largish painting...can't let those flowers go to waste! ..of course the problem is..every time you look at them they've opened a bit more and so the whole thing keeps evolving..hard to stick to the original design so i'm just going to have to make it very loose and we'll see what happens...

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