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Thursday, September 4, 2014

a bit behind..

we just got home from Michigan..visiting friends tim and Katie..while there, we went on an adventure!..we went to Shipshewana Wednesday morning..looking for treasuers at a weekly auction and flea market in the heart of amish country..i got so much painting fodder!..we were looking for fresh eggs and produce on the way back and stopped at this wonderful new friend wilma allowed me to photograph her while she ventured into the hen house to retrieve fresh..i'm talking FRESH eggs..right out from under the hens practically!! she said they usually lay one per day and she had a lot of hens...she also had a house full of pullets..younger hens who lay smaller eggs who soon enough graduate to the big hen house...
so here we go..traveling around and behind a big barn..horses for plowing and for riding around in buggies.. cows...rabbits.etc..... to the henhouse..i explained what I was doing..the thirty paintings in thirty days project..(i'm way behind already)..and of course she was very sweet but looked at me like I was from the electricity..a life of work and toil and, as she put it, "hopefully pleasing to God"...I really hope to get to paint some of these things..have to finish a commission first...

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