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Thursday, September 25, 2014

todd williams workshop

I've been taking a three-day workshop with Todd Williams ('s being held in Nashville, Indiana and i'm having a wonderful time!..todd is a wonderful painter and teacher..a protogee of c.w.mundy who's a particular fav of mine!..the first day we had a very educational slide show and a meet and greet in the morning and then todd did his demo in the afternoon.. we have been treated to the most wonderful lunches and then last night there was a wine and hors' d reception in a fabulous log cabin home in the hills..we painted outside in Nashville yesterday so you can see todd doing his demo in the first photo and then below that is my painting..9x12..i did not have an umbrella and sometimes your painting can end up a bit dark since your pupils constrict in the sunshine and it can affect what you're doing..we worked on our paintings morning and afternoon and you can imagine how much the sun moved..another challenge of outdoor painting..looking forward to this last day..painting from our photos indoors and then a critique at the end of the day...stay tuned...

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