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Monday, December 8, 2014

getting in the spirit..

Spirit of Giving
24x24 giclee
so I've been busy..this giclee, along with a few other pieces which i'll post in the next few days, will be part of the decorations for Harrison Lake Country Club's Christmas party!.. i'm thrilled to be asked and will deliver them this next week...the gals working so hard to make the magic, mandy, nea, kevina, cindy and joyce (hope I haven't forgotten anyone)..continue to do a fantastical job for our club!!!  the party is the 19th..hope to see you there!!!...oops..almost forgot..we were contacted by the republic this afternoon..they want to do a feature on us for their quarterly old farts magazine!  ha!..lovin it!!..,i hate to tell her i'm going backwards and will turn 50 next year!!

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