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Sunday, March 1, 2015


24x30 oil on board
so we're home from several new inches of snow which fell last night...winter wonderland out there but dangerous..jen and family are returning tomorrow from OZ..and we all found out today that a good friend of theirs was killed in a crash this morning..i feel sure the road conditions played a sad part...spent today re-entering and have done pretty well..getting ready for a ton of painting in the next six weeks...I am psyched!!..we had a great time at the Honda classic..saw the only day of really good weather Thursday..i'll try and post some pics from that tomorrow..gin said there were 11 inches of rain in the area..totally washed out a lot of the play friday and Saturday..but they are soldiering on and hope to finish up tomorrow...this painting was done on a board to fit into one of those sell out frames I bought..i just discovered I may have been able to find a canvas to fit..ah well..i absolutely LOVE the frame!!..this most likely will go to my hoosier salon show in may..we'll see...

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